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We at K.I. Health & Fitness do things a little bit differently. We made the deliberate decision to not use client "before" and "after" photos anywhere in our marketing, for three main reasons:

1. The comparison trap.

Progress photos normalize a certain pace of seeing results. Reality check: there’s no such thing as a “normal” pace of seeing results. Progress photos also give us zero context about the individual who’s achieved those results.

2. An inaccurate representation of progress as linear.

Photos simplify and misrepresent progress as a simple upward trajectory toward an end goal. Meaningful progress toward a long-term goal is never linear.

3. “Aesthetics first” is a very limiting scope of progress.

Progress photos make health seem secondary, and often conflate body size with health. Everyone wants to look good and feel good about themselves — that’s just human nature. But if that’s all we’re focusing on, we’re setting ourselves up for failure and disappointment.

Read Coach K's full article on progress photos here.

In our coaching business, we use client stories instead of client photos. Stories can highlight both struggles and accomplishments, and present a much more well-rounded picture of progress. Below are some examples of client achievements that reach far beyond aesthetics.

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K.I Healthy Living Academy client comments

Your next step

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My vegan superhero client Yvette practicing unassisted chin-ups. At 61 years old, she can kick the asses of most people half her age!

Cathy's been an online client for 6 years. She describes her experience with strength training, and how it's improved her life.


Karina Inkster is AMAZING!! Karina challenges me more and more with each new workout and suddenly I find myself stronger, leaner, and more badass than before!! I joke that she is trying to kill me each time I get a new challenge, but I know she wouldn't get me doing something she doesn't think I could handle. I highly recommend Karina to anyone and everyone looking for a kick-ass personal trainer and an all-around awesome lady to keep you motivated!!


Coach K was awesome, and here’s why:

- She was available throughout my whole time with her (2 months) responding super fast to all my questions and my updates.

- I’m a new vegan and she helped me figure out my diet, answering all my questions and making recommendations.

- She’s given me a road to follow through my diet and workouts that I can do on my own now. I’ve already lost 10 pounds even with my crazy travel schedule, and I’m super happy with all her services.

- Her podcast is kickass!!!

Thanks Coach K!!


Working with Karina was fabulous.  She runs her business like a business, not a hobby. Which I appreciated so much. She has great communication skills and was very clear on what I should expect from her and what she expected from me.


When I found Coach K online I had just started an 8 week challenge at my gym. I'm the only vegan there, that I know of, and was getting a lot of conflicting info on how much protein I was going to need to train at the intensity of the 8 week challenge. I hadn't done any high intensity workouts since becoming vegan and I was very uncertain how to proceed.


Thankfully I found Coach K and she helped immensely with getting my macros in line to support my workouts. It was exactly the help I needed. I used her nutrition services for one month to dial everything in, and then I set out on my own.


While working with her I've gained muscle and definitely have become stronger. I also lost 7 pounds, which I was thrilled about. If I ever need more help on my fitness journey, I'll definitely be seeking Coach K out again.


I had such a positive experience working with Karina! She coached me on nutrition, and as a person who slides pretty easily into the "Junk Food Vegan" category, I really needed the help! Karina provided resources that I will use forever, and really shed light on the nutritional needs I'd been falling short of with very doable solutions that I was able to put into practice right away.


I feel much more in control of my diet thanks to Karina, with a clarity I just couldn't find on my own. Working in the world of fitness I've been frustrated since so many nutrition plans are animal-protein based, and a lot of the professionals I've worked with don't know how to translate their plans to a plant-based diet.  To have that knowledge for myself has been transformational, and I feel like I'm a better advocate for myself and a better ambassador for the vegan lifestyle as a result.


I'm very grateful for the knowledge, the resources, the accountability, and the support that Karina provided, and I would 100000% recommend her services to anyone looking to be a better version of themselves!


1. What was your fitness level and health like before we started working together?


I came to Karina as a 5-year vegan and after about 60 lbs. of weight loss from juicing, dieting, and as of a few months prior, discovering running. What I didn’t have was education in the kitchen and in meal preparation and in the gym. Now that my excess weight was gone, I needed to learn how to nourish my body properly to fuel the more intense workouts I was putting myself through, and how to best tone up as my focus was always on weight loss. Karina and Zoe both helped me create a program that began to build the physique I am working towards. They also helped me build a home gym. 


2. What made you decide to work with us? 


I decided to work with Karina because there aren’t many vegan fitness and nutrition coaches out there. In our consultation, her dedication to her career and her clients really shined through. I had no doubt that she understood what I was after, and her confidence in getting me there was apparent as well. She listens and gets you what you need when you need it. She is always available, very motivated, and has done such a great job at building a community among her clients.


3. How was the online coaching experience for you? Did you have any concerns about how it would work?


It was great and I had no concerns about how it would work for me. My program was consistent when it could be and adaptive when it needed to be. The community was great, especially for food prep and recipe ideas, and whenever I needed exercise substitutes to accommodate my needs, the Trainerize app made it simple. The MyFitnessPal app also has great functionality in showing you how your are progressing toward your nutrition goals over time. My status toward my goals was always accessible.


4. What results have you achieved?


I managed to shave off a couple pounds to get my total weight loss to 62 pounds. But the largest transformation was my physique in both my legs and mid-section. My upper body strength also drastically increased, allowing me to work with my body weight (pull-ups, push-ups, etc.), which I had never been able to do at my former body weight. In addition, the lower body workouts took my running to the next level. The week I started with this program, I was running about 3 times per week for a total of 8-9 miles weekly. Since I learned through this program how to properly fuel and recover, I have been running 5 times per week for a total of 26.2 miles a week. This program helped me fall in love with running, and learning how to allow myself to reach those milestones has been incredibly rewarding. I have also hit personal time and distance records in distances from 1-mile all the way up to a half-marathon. I can’t wait to take this to the next level!


Client testimonials and results

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