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NBSV 043: Jeremy Sexton on veganism, strength training, motivation, and making lifestyle changes

Filmmaker Jeremy Sexton

Jeremy Sexton is a filmmaker, partner in his own company, and father of two. Before he went vegan and started working out regularly, he was 255 lbs, pre-diabetic, and on the road to heart disease. You’ll hear in our conversation how - and why - he went vegan and made drastic changes to his lifestyle.

Listen below!

Important topics and points you don't want to miss:

>> Jeremy's vegan story and how being a parent factors in to his motivation for going vegan, giving up alcohol, and taking care of his health.

>> How (and why) Jeremy got into strength training.

>> Jeremy recently ran his longest distance yet: a 25K trail race!

>> Jeremy’s tips for our listeners who want to make lifestyle changes of their own, including getting started with strength training.

>> We all have days where we want to sit on the couch and stuff our faces. What is it, exactly, that helps Jeremy get through those moments and get to the gym?

Connect with Jeremy:


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