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NBSV 075: Jon Goodman on many ways "hustling" is B.S., and focusing on one thing to achieve success

Creator of the Personal Trainer Development Center Jon Goodman

Jonathan Goodman is the creator of the Personal Trainer Development Center. Since 2011, he has supported fitness professionals by publishing over a million words, growing some of the largest online communities, publishing 11 books, and establishing the first-ever certification for online trainers, the Online Trainer Academy. He's been featured in most major business and fitness publications including Men's Health, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Muscle & Fitness, Inc., and many more. He hosts the Online Trainer Show.

Listen below!

Important topics and points you don't want to miss:

>> Forbes wrote a feature on Jon called "How Not To Hustle Your Way To Success". Jon discusses when "hustling" is necessary, and why in many contexts it won't lead to success.

>> To be unbelievably successful, you need to focus on one area of expertise, and then surround it with good-enough-to-be-dangerous skills in a handful of other specific realms.

>> "Most anything that really matters, that’s impactful in our society, was created at a time when that person was not busy."

Connect with Jon:

>> Personal Trainer Development Center: Main website, Instagram, Facebook


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