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NBSV 123: Why meal plans don’t work [and what does] with plant-based CSN Philip Bryden

We’re all relatively familiar with the term and concept of meal plans. For years, they’ve been offered to us as the fail-proof, non-negotiable element that will help you nail all of your nutritional goals. What if there was a completely different approach that didn’t involve meal plans? Furthermore, what if they actually have a detrimental impact?

Certified plant-based sports nutritionist Philip Bryden joins me to talk about this- and much more! He also holds certifications in Integrative Nutrition, Nutrition Science, Nutrition Coaching, Anatomy and Physiology, Plant-Based Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, and he’s a certified Yoga Instructor and Ultra Running Coach. Philip works with international professional athletes across a variety of sports, including soccer, tennis, and ultra running; and he’s Club Nutritionist for the world’s first vegan rugby club.

Important topics and points you don't want to miss:

>> A sometimes unknown fact: meal plans are not within the scope of practice for fitness coaches

>> The importance in approaching sports nutrition with a unique and personal approach

>> Why (and how) a plant-based lifestyle improves performance and recovery in athletic endeavours

Connect with Philip:

>> Philip on Instagram

>> Philip's website [Philip has offered our listeners 1 month free when they sign up for 3 months of coaching. Mention the podcast episode to get this special offer!]

Episode transcript:

Access a full transcript of the episode here.


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