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NBSV 168: Radhi Devlukia on mindful and intuitive eating practices, and her new cookbook

Radhi Devlukia is a plant-based cook, recipe developer, mission-driven entrepreneur, and co-founder of Juni Tea. Her debut cookbook “JoyFull" comes out in February 2024. We discuss mindful cooking and eating practices, and what “intuitive eating” means.

Born and raised in the UK, the rich traditions of her Indian culture played a significant role in shaping Radhi’s path towards wellness from an early age, leading her to develop a deep appreciation for the mind-body connection and igniting her curiosity for culinary exploration. 

Radhi earned her Ayurvedic Health Counsellor 1 Degree at the California College of Ayurveda. A clinical dietician, nutritionist, and always-learning cook, she brings a modern approach to the ancient principles of holistic wellbeing. 

Important topics we discussed:

>> Radhi’s forthcoming cookbook and what makes it unique

>> What are mindfulness and intuitive eating? How can we foster these practices?

>> Using spices to heal our bodies on a daily basis

Connect with Radhi:

>> Radhi on Instagram

>> Radhi on Youtube

Episode transcript:

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