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NBSV 040: Registered dietitian Dr. Pamela Fergusson on vegan nutrition for women

Registered dietitian Dr. Pamela Fergusson

Dr. Pamela Fergusson is a registered dietitian with a PhD in nutrition. She’s run half marathons, a marathon, and a few ultra marathons. She and her husband Dave are raising their 4 kids on a plant-based diet. She’s worked all over the world in the field of nutrition (throughout Africa, in South East Asia, in the UK and in the US and Canada).

You don’t need to be female to benefit from this episode. Regardless of your own gender, I’m willing to bet you have female-identified people in your life, whether they’re daughters you’re raising, an older mom you’re helping, a wife, friends you care about, etc. We’re going to delve into many different nutrition topics, including protein, iron, calcium, and nutrition at different stages of life.

Listen below!

Important topics and points you don't want to miss:

>> Vegan nutrition for women at all stages of life - including pregnancy and menopause.

>> Protein: how much do we need?

>> Iron: is this an issue for women on a plant-based diet?

>> Calcium: how can vegans build strong bones?

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