How do I sneak more greens into my diet?

April 25, 2015


Over on our Facebook page, Heather asked, “I’m wondering how to sneak greens into my boyfriend’s diet. The doctor says his blood pressure is awful. He won’t take medication or exercise.”


Here are 2 things that I know from experience work well! My husband isn’t the type of health and fitness nut that I am. Although he eats pretty healthily, he (well, most of us) could definitely use more greens in his diet. So here’s what I do: 


1. I sneak greens into his smoothies (shh, don’t tell him). I find that spinach works best because it has a mild flavour. I’ve never been a fan of kale or other bitter greens in smoothies (put that stuff in a salad instead, like a regular sane person). The trick here is to have enough flavourful ingredients in the smoothie to mask any sort of “leafy” flavour. Some ideas: peanut butter, banana, strawberries and/or raspberries. If you want to maintain stealth mode here, don’t put in too many spinach leaves either. Remember, eating even a few greens is better than nothing at all!


2. Split pea soup is a great vehicle for hidden greens. The soup is already green, so this just makes sense! When my split pea soup has finished cooking, I throw in a few handfuls of either spinach or baby kale. Then I blend it all up into bad-ass green deliciousness, and nobody knows it contains dark leafy greens. If you’re using kale, make sure it’s tender baby kale instead of the larger, more mature leaves. Baby kale has a less in-your-face taste to it.



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