An intention for 2016: Stop wasting energy on your "imperfections" and re-route it to more fulfilling pursuits

December 28, 2015

OK guys (well, mostly gals), let's make 2016 the year we stop obsessing about our looks, shall we? By worrying about your supposed "imperfections", you're wasting mental energy that would be better spent elsewhere. I suggest re-routing that mental attention you're putting into physical fault-finding, and putting it to better use.

I'll use myself as an example. I've noticed more age-related changes in the past year than ever before - and I'm still in my 20's! Spider veins, cellulite, slowed metabolism, etc. This is normal shit, people. Plus there are endless non-age-related aesthetic things I could nitpick about. But y'know what? I ain't got time - or mental energy - for that shit. See:

I work with my clients 30 hours a week.
I work on other business projects up to 30 hours a week.
I hang out with my Mister 20 hours a week.
I practice music 10 hours a week.
I train 8 hours a week.
I read 5 hours a week.
I cook/prep food 4 hours a week.
I sleep 56-60 hours per week.

…which leaves 1-5 hours per week. You think I'm gonna waste that precious time on worrying whether my ass is sculpted enough? Yeah, right. All this weekly busyness takes a ton of mental energy and focus, so the last thing I need is something to drain it.

Hey, we all want to look good and feel good. Nothing wrong with that. But putting so much mental energy toward so-called "imperfections" that you lose out on better things to do with that energy seems like a huge waste to me.

Who the hell looks back on their life and wonders whether their triceps were defined enough?

This might seem trite, but death has been put squarely on the table as my husband and I each lost a grandparent this year. They both lead long, fulfilling lives with a focus on family, and let me tell you, at the end of their lives the last thing they - and all of their family members - were worrying about was whether their quads were shredded enough or their abs hard enough or their bodies lean enough in their younger years. Aesthetics didn't even enter the equation. Instead, we remembered their values, their antics as parents and grandparents, their contributions to the world, their quirky hobbies, their travels, their awards, and even their physical abilities in decades past.

These are the things to which we should be giving mental attention on a daily basis.

If it sounds like I'm bashing you for obsessing about your looks, I am. But I'm also fully aware that we're conditioned by our society and its media to do so. It takes some effort to snap out of this, but it can be done. Who's in?




Also check out my article Women, body image, and training: 5 ways to stop worrying about your looks and train for other, more sane reasons instead.


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