So, I got me an online coaching award...

September 15, 2016


Two days ago, I glanced over an e-mail in my inbox from Dave Smith, saying I had won a "reader's choice" award for online coaching. Sounded a bit odd, so I left it for later. That is, until my coach friend Rob happened to send me a link to an article, in which I appeared along with 49 other established online coaches. It's called "50 Best Online Coaches For Weight Loss Results". By the same Dave Smith. What a strange coincidence! 


So of course I went back to Dave's e-mail, read it through, and e-mailed him to find out some more details. I learned that Dave was chosen by our mutual certifying organization as Canada's Top Fitness Professional of 2013, has a thriving business, and his readers had apparently chosen their favourite online coaches. And I was one of them?! (Look for #45 in the list.)


Here's what he wrote by way of introduction/explanation for my followers.



Hi, my name is Dave Smith and I have been working in the health and fitness industry for over 15 years, and was chosen as "Canada's Top Fitness Professional" in 2013. 


This year my team at Make Your Body Work decided to put together a resource highlighting the best of the best when it comes to fitness coaches from around the world. We wanted to know what programs were giving people REAL and LASTING results, so we polled our blog readers, listeners of our podcast, friends and followers on social media, and pretty much anyone else who had experiences to share.


The result?


Thousands of people from over 20 countries participated in the polling, and their voices helped create the first award for the Top Online Weight-Loss Coaches.


We selected 50 coaches who have proven to get their clients the best results, and I am excited to announce that Karina was one of those coaches!


We heard about her passion for the fitness industry and her dedication to her clients. Karina, thanks for all the work you do and for the lives you touch!


Click here to view the full list of award-winners. 


Thanks so much Dave (and your readers/followers)! Y'all are awesome.


Interested in online fitness and nutrition coaching? Check out my programs here.


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