NBSV 017: Dr. Scott Lear on 3 myths about heart disease, nutrition, and exercise

July 10, 2018


Our special guest today is Dr. Scott Lear. He’s been a leading scientist in preventing heart disease for over 20 years. Scott is a professor in Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University, and he conducts research into how lifestyle can prevent and manage heart disease - and other chronic diseases. He has heart disease himself and last year began a blog called Feeling Healthy with Dr. Scott Lear.


Scott shares with us 3 of the most common myths he comes across in his work, and much more! Listen below.



Important topics and points you don't want to miss:


     >> Myth #1: Stress causes heart attacks/heart disease.


     >> Myth #2: Dietary cholesterol intake is associated with cholesterol levels in our bodies (a.k.a. serum cholesterol).


     >> Myth #3: Exercise is a great way to lose fat.


     >> What exercise is useful for: maintaining muscle while in a calorie deficit, maintaining metabolic rate, and sustaining fat loss long term.


     >> "There’s no one diet that’s going to be ideal for the entire population of the world."


     >> The types of research Scott would like to see in the future.


Connect with Scott:


     >> Scott's main website


     >> Scott on Twitter



Links mentioned in the episode:


     >> Scott's article, "Why the heck can't scientists agree on what is good to eat?"


     >> Karina's coaching programs


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