NBSV 042: Dr. Gil Carvalho on doctors' nutritional education, long-term health effects of different diets, and how to distinguish between legitimate research and B.S.

April 9, 2019


Gil Carvalho is a Research Scientist at USC and UCLA. Gil has an MD from the Univertiry of Lisbon and a PhD in Biology from Caltech, where he studied nutritional effects on health and longevity. Gil has authored a number of peer-reviewed studies in the scientific literature and recently launched the YouTube channel Nutrition Made Simple, focusing on educational videos breaking down the science of nutrition for everyday use.


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Important topics and points you don't want to miss:


     >> Gil's vegan story


     >> Doctors and nutritional education 


     >> The long-term health effects of different nutrients and diets (low carb diets, plant-based etc).


     >> Gil's tips for figuring out what is legitimate research as opposed to B.S.! 



Connect with Gil:


     >> Gil's YouTube Channel


     >> Gil on Twitter


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