NBSV 048: Retired lawyer Pat Kendall on leading a campaign to stop animal experimentation at Vancouver's new hospital (also: aging is a benefit and health isn't just about our bodies)

July 2, 2019


Pat Kendall is a 67-year-old retired municipal lawyer. She's leading a massive campaign called "Rezoning for the Animals" to persuade Vancouver City Council to rezone the new St. Paul's Hospital site, such that animal experimentation is not permitted in the hospital laboratories and alternative methods are used instead.


Since retirement 4 years ago, Pat increased her physical activity, began volunteering, and became a vegan and an animal activist. She believes the combination of exercise, giving back, veganism, and activism is an ideal formula for health! 


Pat holds an undergraduate degree and a law degree from the the University of British Columbia. She had a successful career as a downtown Vancouver lawyer for more than 26 years. Since retirement she teaches a law course at the UBC School of Community and Regional Planning.


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Important topics and points you don't want to miss:


     >> Pat tells us about the amazing work she’s doing to make sure there will be no animal testing at the new St. Paul’s hospital and lab site in Vancouver.


     >> Alternatives for testing and experimenting on animals.


     >> Aging as a benefit.


     >> Health is not just about the body.


     >> Physical health is not an end in itself - it just keeps our bodies tuned up for completing life’s greater purposes!



Connect with Pat:


     >> Rezoning For Animals website



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