Go vegan already:
5 biggest roadblocks and what to do about them

Thinking about going vegan and have some roadblocks keeping you from making the commitment? Watch this video to see me address the 5 biggest and most common ones, bust some myths, and provide you with enough incentive to finally take the leap.

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Resources mentioned in the video:

How To Go Vegan: free e-mail course.

Vegan Vitality: 100+ simple recipes and tips.

Download my 350-item vegan grocery list.

Did you watch the video above yet? Here's a quick overview.

Problem #5: I'm already vegetarian, so I don't need to go vegan.

Actually, you do. If you’re already vegetarian, particularly for ethical reasons, you need to go vegan. Watch the video to find out why. (Hint: did you know that if you eat dairy products, you support the barbaric veal industry? The meat, dairy, and egg industries are intertwined.)


To make your transition, enroll in my free 10-day e-mail course How To Go Vegan.

Problem #4: If I go vegan, won't I get bored with my food - especially if I care about healthy eating?


I’ve been vegan and a fitness nut since 2003, and I haven’t once been bored with my food. Download my 350-item vegan grocery list. If that doesn’t stave off boredom, I don’t know what will.  


Problem #3: Healthy veganism is too much hard work.


A vegan diet isn’t any more difficult than a non-vegan diet; it’s the transition that can be a bit of a challenge for some people. Eating a healthy vegan diet takes the same amount of work as eating a healthy non-vegan diet. Watch the video for tips on making food prep easy. Also check out my book, Vegan Vitality, for meal prep suggestions and over 100 simple recipes.

Problem #2: If I go vegan, won't I have to worry about getting enough protein? What if I want to gain muscle?

No, you don’t need to worry about getting enough protein. How many people do you know with protein deficiency?!


OK, you do need to make protein a priority if you’re active, strength train, or want to gain muscle. If this is the case, eating too little protein can inhibit your progress. In one of my Nutrition Superhero sessions, I can go over your food log and make sure that your macronutrient ratios (carb, fat, protein) are appropriate for your lifestyle and your specific fitness and physique goals.


Problem #1: ???

Well, you're just gonna have to watch the video to find out!

The 5 biggest mistakes vegans make with fitness and nutrition

We all know that just because you're vegan doesn't mean you're fit and healthy (hey, Oreos and french fries are vegan!)

Watch this video to discover the 5 biggest health & fitness mistakes I see vegans make all the time, and how to fix them. 

Resources mentioned in the video:


How To Go Vegan: free e-mail course.

Vegan Vitality: 100+ simple recipes and tips.

Download my 350-item vegan grocery list.

Here's a run-down of the above video, in case you haven't watched it yet. Get much more detail and insider info in the video!

Problem #5: Being a "junk food vegan".


We all know that “vegan” does not automatically mean “healthy”. Don’t deprive your body of what it needs – and sabotage your fitness goals – by eating too much nutritionally empty food.

Need inspiration for healthy eats? Download my free vegan grocery list with more than 350 vegan items.


Problem #4: Cutting out animal products you used to eat, without replacing them.

If you just cut out all the animal products you used to eat and don’t replace them with a variety of plant-based foods, you’re setting yourself up for nutritional deficiency. Again, make sure you download my grocery list – I bet you’ll find some delicious foods you’ve never tried before! I name 7 of them in the video.


Also, even though you’re vegan already, I suggest enrolling in my free How To Go Vegan 10-day e-mail course – just to make sure you’ve nailed the basics, and to get some new ideas and inspiration.


Problem #3: Not having a bulletproof "food architecture" in place.


Your “food architecture” is your environment and the habits you’ve built that determine what – and how – you eat. Watch the video to find out how I get my clients to build their own food architectures that get them mind-blowing results.


Check out my book, Vegan Vitality, for more info on how to build a bulletproof food architecture that’ll support your vegan nutrition superpowers.


Problem #2: Not thinking critically, with an evidence-based mindset.


Unfortunately, there’s a lot of complete BS that’s often associated with veganism: cleanses, detoxes, alkaline diets, juicing, and more. All these things are not supported by research, are based on major misunderstandings of how our bodies work, and are sometimes even harmful.


To make sure you’re doing something that actually works and isn’t harming your health, join our awesome community on Facebook where I keep you in the loop with legit research, de-bunk BS fads, and show you what to do instead.


Problem #1: ???


You'll need to watch the video to discover the biggest mistake vegans make! 


“I've tried two dieticians, and one personal trainer in the past, none of which were vegan. They were new to this concept, and they couldn't provide me with the guidance I needed to eat well and improve my eating habits.”

“I have no clue what my body needs for fuel. I've been eating vegan for a few years now, but I'm a junk food vegan.”

“I find that good advice on a realistic vegetarian diet is hard to come by and that it’s difficult to find answers when you are working with someone who is not vegetarian.”

"Since switching to a vegan diet I've become more concerned with my nutrition in relation to my fitness. I'm curious what a vegan athlete's diet looks like. I feel I have hit a plateau. I'm a healthy weight but I'd like to be leaner and I’m struggling to make progress in the gym, which makes me believe that I could use a coach to take it to the next level."

These are e-mails from real clients, experiencing real-life problems before they started coaching with me. Make sure you don't get stuck with these same problems and challenges that are keeping you from getting the results you want!


I hear you!​ To get the results of your dreams, you need a tailor-made action plan created by a qualified fitness coach (that's me!). 


By the way, some athletes go vegan mainly to enhance their athletic performance. Done right, with the help of a coach who gets plant-based fuel, that can be very effective!


So, if you wanna kick some serious plant-based ass, check out my fitness coaching programs that will give you direction, focus, accountability, know-how, energy, confidence, and health superpowers.

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