Originally sold as a hard-copy card deck, you can now print your own at a much lower cost!

Download a PDF that contains 55 workout cards. Print 4-to-a-page, and you're ready for bodyweight workouts that change every time you shuffle the deck!

The deck contains 39 different bodyweight exercises, plus "wild" cards you can include to surprise yourself and keep things interesting workout after workout.


Just shuffle the deck, and get crackin' with your workout! Many of my clients use these workouts to train at home, at the park, while travelling, or to supplement their gym sessions.

Any guesses as to how many different combinations you can have with 39 exercises?

The answer is 20397882081197443358640281739902897356800000000.

Seriously. Isn't that nuts? There's absolutely no way you'll do the same workout twice.

Order your ready-to-print PDF of 55 workout cards!

These cards are perfect for:

Travel: Maintain (and improve!) your fitness while away from home. Do workouts in your hotel room, at the beach, or even at the airport (yes, my die-hard clients do airport workouts).

Outdoors: If you want to make the best of the great outdoors rather than head to the gym, you can get a great bodyweight workout outside. It helps to have a step or bench available, but it's not necessary.

Training partners: These cards are perfect for either friendly competition or teamwork. There are countless ways to play, so create your own!

Kids (or kids-at-heart): Nothing like game cards and a superhero theme to get kids excited about physical activity!

As someone who owns a deck, this is an awesome and fun way to introduce body weight moves to kids. A few years ago my niece was really into counting and trying the exercises. 
Mostly, she loved watching her auntie do the exercises!

Fiona M.

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