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So, who the heck is this Karina Inkster character?
Hey there! I'm Karina, but most of our clients call me Coach K. My award-winning online programs offer vegan fitness and nutrition coaching to clients around the globe who want to reach their health goals, and keep 'em until they're 103 years old.


I’m a Certified Personal Training Specialist and Certified Online Trainer with a Master’s degree in Gerontology, specializing in health and aging. I've been vegan since 2003 (way before it was cool!) and vegetarian since 1998.

I'm the author of 5 books, host of the No-Bullsh!t Vegan podcast, and a regular writer for several online and print magazines including and alive magazine.

When I'm not working with clients or doing a ridiculous number of chin-ups, I perform and teach accordion, piano, and didgeridoo, or hold disco workout parties in my garage gym.

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Apply to train with me and my team!

Build and stick to your health habits with next-level accountability that's way more effective than being workout buddies with your cat.

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The cliché "If I can do it, so can you!" certainly rings true

I have a lot of unique barriers to training and eating the way I'd like to. I deal with a serious allergic condition that prohibits me from exercising after having eaten within 8 hours, in case a food triggers an anaphylactic allergic reaction when coupled with exercise. Oh, and I'm allergic to raw fruit, and all nuts except peanuts. As a vegan, that's a little challenging, to say the least!

However, with careful planning, I’ve worked out 6 days a week for more than 20 years – even through grad school while working 3 jobs. I’ve also learned to prepare healthy and delicious meals quickly (and even wrote a book with more than 100 of these recipes).


With this experience under my belt, I help my clients to conquer their barriers and start getting the results of their dreams.

Online coaching has helped a lot! Knowing that you see when I work out and what I eat through the apps keep me super accountable! I just noticed on the top of the latest workout that I have completed 134 workouts with you. That is unbelievable! Anyway, I have come a long way. I started being scared of the gym and not knowing what any of the equipment or exercises look like.


Wanna work with us?

My team and I are taking on only a select few new clients whom we're best suited to help.

Wanna work with us? Apply in two easy steps.

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Being a vegetarian for four years, I was ready to make the change and become vegan, but couldn’t quite do it by myself. I Googled “vegan fitness coach” and found Karina’s website. So happy I did! Her guidance and support were exactly what I needed to commit to veganism and get back to strength training in the gym! I loved all of the workouts I was sent, and the weekly check-ins and monthly phone calls kept me accountable! I can now proudly call myself vegan and I’m stronger than ever before. Thanks Coach K! 


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