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Client testimonials and results

We at K.I. Health & Fitness do things a little bit differently. We made the deliberate decision to not use client "before" and "after" photos anywhere in our marketing, for three main reasons:

1. The comparison trap.

Progress photos normalize a certain pace of seeing results. Reality check: there’s no such thing as a “normal” pace of seeing results. Progress photos also give us zero context about the individual who’s achieved those results.

2. An inaccurate representation of progress as linear.

Photos simplify and misrepresent progress as a simple upward trajectory toward an end goal. Meaningful progress toward a long-term goal is never linear.

3. “Aesthetics first” is a very limiting scope of progress.

Progress photos make health seem secondary, and often conflate body size with health. Everyone wants to look good and feel good about themselves — that’s just human nature. But if that’s all we’re focusing on, we’re setting ourselves up for failure and disappointment.

Read Coach K's full article on progress photos here.

In our coaching business, we use client stories instead of client photos. Stories can highlight both struggles and accomplishments, and present a much more well-rounded picture of progress. Below are some examples of client achievements that reach far beyond aesthetics.

2021_06 Kristen.png
K.I Healthy Living Academy client comments

I wanted to thank you for everything that you’ve helped me with over the past few years. In addition to finally nailing a chin up, I now go the gym on a regular basis, have a love of lifting weights, and honestly, changed my perception of what I’m capable of. Thank you for helping me show others how strong vegans can be!



Thank you both so much. I wasn't sure how to start a strength training regimen, but knew it was important. I feel so blessed to have found you because I think you were the perfect fit for me to get started. I have this as part of my regular workout routine now and am so pleased with my progress, and know that I am committed to this for life.

I didn't need someone shouting at me or shaming me, or any other number of ineffective coaching styles. Your steady, positive, affirming approach was just right. You let me direct the course, making corrections and suggestions as needed, all while keeping my goals in mind. I still can't rock very many pushups, but I know this will continue to improve with time.


And hey, I AM rocking a supported headstand, so I will MORE than take that win.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for setting me up for success on this lifelong path. 

Michele W.



Hey Karina and Zoe, 

Your workouts have really carried me through some hard things in the past two years, you may have gathered this through my notes, but the job I worked in Dubai really was not nice, and going to the gym after work was like my safe space and "me time". I started my fitness journey like most people with a body composition goal in mind, but now it's become more about my mental health and feeling super strong :) I just wanted you to know how important I think your work is. 

Also- I've worked with some other coaches in the past and you have really set the standard and made me realize what a coach should actually do. Thank you for listening and making me feel "seen".


Wendi S.

A year ago, right before I turned 53, I decided to sign up for online coaching with Karina. I had never strength trained consistently in my life. I was having so many aches and pains from what I was being told was "normal aging”, but I wasn't going to just accept that without giving exercise a real chance.

Karina helped my get my vegan nutrition on track as well as starting me on my first journey into weight training. She was amazing every step of the way, always eager to answer questions and help with anything that came up. Her knowledge and expertise were a constant motivation for me. I always felt cared for.

During the middle of the year I got a frozen shoulder and was so upset that I would have to quit my training, but she helped me see that I didn't have to quit and was happy to even work with my physical therapist to ensure that I was doing the most effective workouts I could do. I recovered from the shoulder problem about a year quicker than the doctors predicted, and I know it was in large part to Karina's guidance.

At the end of a year, and now almost 54, I am in better shape than I have been in my life. I feel strong and ALL of my aches and pains are gone. No more achy knees and back. Truly amazing. I will never quit consistent strength training now that I see what it can do! I highly recommend Karina's services to anyone of any age who wants to get strong and feel healthy. It has been life changing!


When I first met Karina, I had hit a wall. I was active but still wasn’t eating right, and together we took my [vegan] nutrition and training to the next level.

How I chose her as a coach:
I wanted a female's perspective. In my experience many male “trainers” were too Bro and pumped up, and honestly talked about themselves too much. I thought looking elsewhere would be interesting to break out of that realm, and luckily I found Karina. She challenged me, listened, helped keep me going at times and overall helped create a wonderful eye-opening experience. We discussed many things and I certainly grew with my wellness by working with her.

How online coaching worked:
Working together online was a breeze. I always felt Karina was right there if I needed her and she was. All her programs and the way we communicate is easy, effective and great. I highly recommend it.

My results:
I lost roughly 15-18 pounds and gained a ton of strength and lots of new muscles. I learned to control how I ate, measure portions and overall really get in tune with my body. Everything I learned with Karina as a coach will stick with me for the rest of my life.



You are the best trainer I've worked with and I'm really happy that I found you. You really care about helping your clients reach their fitness goals and you do a lot of extras, like the emails and the videos which have really been beneficial to me in helping me improve my form. Thanks again, I appreciate what you do. I know it's a lot of extra time and effort that you put into your clients and it doesn't go unnoticed by me.


I’ve definitely noticed some non scale victories that I would like to highlight. How I feel about my body has changed significantly. I feel more confident, have more energy, and can feel myself getting stronger.

While I do sometimes go to food for emotional comfort - the frequency in which I act on it is way less. I feel like I am healthier overall. It’s also been easier for me to get my workouts done first thing, rather than waiting until the last moment, sometimes missing days or moving my workouts around to satisfy my immediate wish for one of my easier days.


I’m proud of the progress I’ve made and I am so thrilled to just feel happier in my own skin. I have grown into someone who embraces and embodies a healthy lifestyle, and I know this is just the beginning.

The other thing I’ve noticed is that it is easier for me to navigate stressful situations and to say no to negative influences - boundary setting has always been a weak point for me!

Overall I am very proud of my progress and I can’t wait to see what happens next!


I had never done a chin-up before training with Karina. I’m now doing 7 full chin-ups with strict form! (She tells me I’m performing them better than most 20-year-olds… I’m in my 50’s.)



I have noticed my arms to be much more defined and I no longer look like I'm 8 months pregnant. I look like I'm 3, but it's definitely a smaller baby. And my thighs are no longer creating a "whish-whish" noise. I endorse Karina's ass kicking. Yesterday TWO people I work with came up to me and said that they noticed I’ve lost a lot of weight and how nice my arms look. And my workplace NEVER gives out compliments! Woo-hoo!



My best friend said she has noticed I have a lot more muscle and that I'm looking more toned which is great considering I haven't been training that long, but it shows when you do train properly and eat accordingly you will see results a lot quicker working with a trainer than I ever did when I was "training" on my own. So thank you. I really appreciate all of your guidance and the great workouts every time. I'm really looking forward to continuing working with you!!


I wanted to tell you the big impact you have had on me in the last 6 months. I LOVE exercise now and feel incomplete when I miss a workout. My body also wants to say thank you!!! I have trimmed down and built muscle and strength. The changes are now noticeable in all my clothes, and now I can embrace going into my 47 years of life knowing that we do have control. And slowing metabolism or not, exercise and healthy eating make a difference. Thanks again!!!

When I first started working with Karina I could do a total of ZERO chin-ups. Today I am able to do chin-up reps and even a few wide grip pull-ups!


Today I realized I am getting stronger. My left knee always used to give me problems. Thanks to the type of exercises we’ve been working with, I feel it’s now almost at the same level as the right one, and that is a HUGE improvement. I can really feel the difference; it would normally hurt a lot.  My lower back also always kills me but lately it’s been way less painful; it feels stronger. 


Anyways, just wanted to share my experience. I think we don’t really grasp what it means to be stronger and the benefits we get. I seriously just imagined a gun show, but now I know it’s beyond that.


Thank you



I trained all summer to finish the 122km Vancouver to Whistler GranFondo cycling race in under 4 hours and 30 minutes.  That goal was crushed when I completed it in under 4 hours! Karina made that possible by providing me with a detailed cycling plan that pushed me lots of different ways.  She pushed and motivated me to change my habits and get into a great routine.  

When I ran into obstacles, Karina always had an inspiring solution on how to push through and continue to persevere. I would recommend Karina to anyone who wants to get fit and healthy - she has made a significant change in my life.



Everything I have seen Karina accomplish is done with such intense passion and commitment that I knew she was the right choice to be my kick-ass coach! 

[Read Silvana's feature on my blog here]



I have been weight training on and off for about 17 years and still learned tons of information and techniques to further improve my workouts and nutrition habits.  I found in a short time with Karina I have been able to add new variations to tried and true exercises, and discover new exercises that were easy to learn and very beneficial to gaining new muscle!

I'm super happy with the training tips and workout plans that Karina provided to me and I am really confident I will be able to continue to work out, challenge myself, and reach big personal goals!



In just one month I have been able to achieve the following:

--increased energy levels (which is amazing because I thought I was energetic before, as a runner)

--increase in upper body strength. I buy wild bird seed in 20-lb. bags, and used to have trouble lifting the bags from the cart to the car and from the car to the house. This week I carried a bag from the car, parked curbside, to the house and up 2 steps into the house then all the way out to the patio, with no problem

--increase in leg strength, noticing it's easier to run up the hill in the first mile of my favorite running route

Most important of all, I finally feel like I know what I'm doing in my home gym. It's the first time in my life that I've had a weight training routine that makes sense to me, that I feel is going to help me accomplish the goals I have set for myself-- and that I know I will stick with. I have been a runner for many years and it will always be my first love, but I am actually starting to enjoy strength training too. And I understand how important it is and appreciate the workouts that Karina has me doing.

I am actually able to fit into a pair of black jeans that have been in my drawer for a long time-- and my partner even commented that he can see already see some changes. This is after only one month; I can only imagine how things will be in 6 months or 1 year.

I highly recommend Karina as a fitness coach. If you aren't looking for a coach or it's not in your budget right now, at least check out her No Bullshit Vegan podcast. She is very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and inspiring.


Being a vegetarian for four years, I was ready to make the change and become vegan, but couldn’t quite do it by myself. I Googled “vegan fitness coach” and found Karina’s website. So happy I did! Her guidance and support were exactly what I needed to commit to veganism and get back to strength training in the gym! I loved all of the workouts I was sent, and the weekly check-ins and monthly phone calls kept me accountable!


I can now proudly call myself vegan and I’m stronger than ever before. Thanks, Coach K! 



Top notch workouts and an all-round better understanding of what works and what doesn't for your body type are Karina's specialties. When you want results that last, you need someone like Karina. She is both well informed and genuinely interested in your well being. No other trainer has been so involved in helping me reach my goals!



When I signed up to be one of Karina’s clients, I had never worked out in a gym in my life. I was really nervous about working the different machines and doing the moves with correct form. Karina was amazing to work with from the beginning. I was very impressed at the amount of support she was able to give over the phone calls and messages that we exchanged. It was just the right amount of involvement I needed - I could go and do my workouts whenever worked for my schedule and I didn’t have to check in every day (which would have been hard for me with my busy schedule), but I knew she was checking my workout and nutrition logs and that I would be checking in each week, so it definitely kept my motivation up.

I knew that if I didn’t push myself hard enough she’d be checking in to see what was going on. I felt like my success was very important to her, and she was there to help out if I ever had questions or concerns about anything. Every workout was challenging, but also different and really enjoyable. She places a high value on correct form for each exercise, and her knowledge about training and nutrition is incredible.

Thanks to Karina, I’m stronger at 37 than I’ve ever been in my life.



The thing I love most about Karina's work is her ability to adapt to her clients' needs. As an engineer, I want to understand the science and "whys" behind the workouts she gives me. On the rare occasion that she doesn't know the answer to a question off the top of her head, she always researches and gets back to me with a super detailed response. 

She's adept at creating workouts that adhere to my individual likes (moves that make me feel like a superhero) and dislikes (lunges!), and ups the ante by brainstorming unique names for each workout (a real boon to a word-nerd like me). She keeps it fun and informative. What more could I ask for?



Karina I want to say a huge thank you.

When I reached out to you for fitness and nutrition coaching I was in very poor physical condition, struggling to go for long walks, and my diet was poor.

After listening to your podcasts, I decided to jump in and get a kick in the butt from Coach K.

The online coaching exceeded my expectations. It was tailored to my lifestyle and I could get coaching no matter where I was in the world - as I travel a lot with work.

Over the 6 months I have learned some great life skills around food and nutrition, I have lost weight, I am constantly getting compliments, and my personal toolkit has increased remarkably.

I enjoy the relationship that we have, your honesty and transparency, and your ability to listen.

Thank you.



I was a client of Karina's for roughly 8 months and it was very worth while. I had never had a personal trainer before and I was hesitant to have an online coach. However, be reassured that Coach K is with you every step of the way. She provides easy to follow workout plans and checks on your progress frequently. Karina is open to adapting the workouts as needed, which was important for me as I was training with an existing injury. I have a unique job where I work sometimes in remote areas with no gym access, which she was able to build programs around.

Karina kept me focused and motivated while I was working in a mining camp in the Yukon, where plant-based food choices were challenging and my schedule was hectic. Thanks to her, I was able to spring out of bed at 2:30am [K's note: yeah, you read that right - it's not a typo!] and exercise almost daily. I encourage you to team-up with Coach K, and her support and personable touch will keep you on track.


I started working with Karina in June 2017. [We worked together until December 2019]. I have been fairly active most of my life but some chronic physical issues set me back for a few years. I wanted to get back into a regular routine, but also wanted to make sure I was eating properly to fuel my body.

I wanted to work with a vegan personal trainer because I was tired of trying to modify non-vegan food programs. I also wanted to work with a trainer who was well informed about the vegan diet and could provide solid information to me. I did an internet search and there was Karina! I was super excited that no only did she follow a vegan diet and offer personal training, but she was also located near me! Also, I appreciated she had a Masters in Gerontology. I am 'sliding into 50', as I like to say, and I wanted to work with someone who would understand the challenges of an aging body.

Karina makes working online super easy. For the most part I am a motivated person who gets their butt to the gym - although there are always days when I think...I just want to sleep in LOL. That's were the accountability to Karina and myself kicks in!! Even though Karina wasn't physically beside me in the gym, I knew she would be looking to see how I did and that I did my workout. I didn't want to disappoint either of us, so I would get up and go! If I didn't know an exercise she would send me a video to explain the move and she would ask me to video myself so she could see how my form was. It worked really well!


My goals have been to be more consistent in my workouts, build strength and step up my nutrition. I achieved all those goals and the bonus is I lost some size! My strength training fitness has transferred into other activities as well, my stamina for hiking was better and I was able to split a ton of wood and not feel devastatingly sore the next day. Lastly, not only did I gain a trainer, but I also gained a friend. Karina is a superb cheerleader who will work with you to get you were you want to go!


Karina Inkster is AMAZING!! Karina challenges me more and more with each new workout and suddenly I find myself stronger, leaner, and more badass than before!! I joke that she is trying to kill me each time I get a new challenge, but I know she wouldn't get me doing something she doesn't think I could handle. I highly recommend Karina to anyone and everyone looking for a kick-ass personal trainer and an all-around awesome lady to keep you motivated!!


Coach K was awesome, and here’s why:

- She was available throughout my whole time with her (2 months) responding super fast to all my questions and my updates.

- I’m a new vegan and she helped me figure out my diet, answering all my questions and making recommendations.

- She’s given me a road to follow through my diet and workouts that I can do on my own now. I’ve already lost 10 pounds even with my crazy travel schedule, and I’m super happy with all her services.

- Her podcast is kickass!!!

Thanks Coach K!!



Working with Karina was fabulous. She runs her business like a business, not a hobby. Which I appreciated so much. She has great communication skills and was very clear on what I should expect from her and what she expected from me.

When I found Coach K online I had just started an 8 week challenge at my gym. I'm the only vegan there, that I know of, and was getting a lot of conflicting info on how much protein I was going to need to train at the intensity of the 8 week challenge. I hadn't done any high intensity workouts since becoming vegan and I was very uncertain how to proceed.

Thankfully I found Coach K and she helped immensely with getting my macros in line to support my workouts. It was exactly the help I needed. I used her nutrition services for one month to dial everything in, and then I set out on my own.

While working with her I've gained muscle and definitely have become stronger. I also lost 7 pounds, which I was thrilled about. If I ever need more help on my fitness journey, I'll definitely be seeking Coach K out again.


I really admire your approach to fitness and what you choose to teach people. You're teaching tolerance, inclusion, and real health in an industry that is full of unhealthy standards, and that is very refreshing. Thank you for all that you do and I hope to work with you both again one day! (:  



Sometimes you don’t get what you’re looking for, but rather what you actually need. I came to Karina looking for assistance with getting back on track with my fitness routine. Through my weekly meetings with Karina, we uncovered that there was actually a bigger opportunity for us to focus on: shifting my relationship to fitness and the expectations I put on myself. Yes, we worked on my routine. But the work we did together was more impactful, sustaining than just that.

Karina and Zoe both create a healthy, supportive environment in which to work on whatever fitness goals you have - and maybe some that you need. I’d highly recommend them to anyone looking to make a change. 



I had such a positive experience working with Karina! She coached me on nutrition, and as a person who slides pretty easily into the "Junk Food Vegan" category, I really needed the help! Karina provided resources that I will use forever, and really shed light on the nutritional needs I'd been falling short of with very doable solutions that I was able to put into practice right away.

I feel much more in control of my diet thanks to Karina, with a clarity I just couldn't find on my own. Working in the world of fitness I've been frustrated since so many nutrition plans are animal-protein based, and a lot of the professionals I've worked with don't know how to translate their plans to a plant-based diet.  To have that knowledge for myself has been transformational, and I feel like I'm a better advocate for myself and a better ambassador for the vegan lifestyle as a result.

I'm very grateful for the knowledge, the resources, the accountability, and the support that Karina provided, and I would 100000% recommend her services to anyone looking to be a better version of themselves!


What was your fitness level and health like before we started working together?


I came to Karina and Zoe as a 5-year vegan and after about 60 lbs. of weight loss from juicing, dieting, and as of a few months prior, discovering running. What I didn’t have was education in the kitchen and in meal preparation and in the gym. Now that my excess weight was gone, I needed to learn how to nourish my body properly to fuel the more intense workouts I was putting myself through, and how to best tone up as my focus was always on weight loss. Karina and Zoe both helped me create a program that began to build the physique I am working towards. They also helped me build a home gym. 

What made you decide to work with us? 

I decided to work with Karina because there aren’t many vegan fitness and nutrition coaches out there. In our consultation, her dedication to her career and her clients really shined through. I had no doubt that she understood what I was after, and her confidence in getting me there was apparent as well. She listens and gets you what you need when you need it. She is always available, very motivated, and has done such a great job at building a community among her clients.

How was the online coaching experience for you? Did you have any concerns about how it would work?

It was great and I had no concerns about how it would work for me. My program was consistent when it could be and adaptive when it needed to be. The community was great, especially for food prep and recipe ideas, and whenever I needed exercise substitutes to accommodate my needs, the Trainerize app made it simple. The MyFitnessPal app also has great functionality in showing you how your are progressing toward your nutrition goals over time. My status toward my goals was always accessible.

What results have you achieved?


I managed to shave off a couple pounds to get my total weight loss to 62 pounds. But the largest transformation was my physique in both my legs and mid-section. My upper body strength also drastically increased, allowing me to work with my body weight (pull-ups, push-ups, etc.), which I had never been able to do at my former body weight. In addition, the lower body workouts took my running to the next level. The week I started with this program, I was running about 3 times per week for a total of 8-9 miles weekly. Since I learned through this program how to properly fuel and recover, I have been running 5 times per week for a total of 26.2 miles a week. This program helped me fall in love with running, and learning how to allow myself to reach those milestones has been incredibly rewarding. I have also hit personal time and distance records in distances from 1-mile all the way up to a half-marathon. I can’t wait to take this to the next level!


I started working with Karina in May of 2019 [K's note: we worked together until February 2021]. I had been vegan almost 2 years, but really let my fitness and diet go. I am an ultra runner by heart and even that was going by the wayside. I was 10 pounds overweight, slouchy, and just not healthy.

Karina helped me dial in my caloric and macro needs and watched over my food diaries so I could get a handle on my intake. She also started me off slowly with my workouts as being a runner, that's really all I was doing. I needed some strength.

By November of 2019, I was at my goal weight and stronger than I have ever been! By February, 2020, I was on a cruise for my 50th birthday and in a bikini (in public!) for the first time in probably 20 years. I have Karina to thank for all of that. Yes, I did the hard work, but had it not been for her motivation, consistently upbeat badass attitude, and her encouraging me to push my limits every week, I wouldn't have gotten there.

I will be forever grateful to Karina and Zoe for everything they've taught me and will continue on my own to strengthen myself and find my own motivation to keep me moving forward in my goals.

Thank you, Karina! YOU ARE A ROCK STAR!!!!


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