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Inclusive coaching for plant-based folks who want to get consistent with fitness and nutrition.

Dr. Google is a terrible personal trainer. Ask Google any fitness or nutrition question, and you’ll get precisely 479,301 answers – all contradicting each other. No wonder you have analysis paralysis, preventing you from making any progress toward your health goals (and vegan world domination).


Perhaps your Google search history looks something like this:

How. Much. Friggin’. Protein. Do. I. Need?

Vegan meal prep ideas that aren’t boring or slimy by Wednesday

What should I be doing at the gym for my workouts to be effective?


Getting your health and fitness right can be a real challenge. You need to nail 3 things:

1. Workouts
You need a workout program that takes into account your specific goals, all 6 strength training movement patterns, and uses an effective training split. That's a lot of work, before you've even done your first rep! 
When we program your workouts for you, you can focus on crushing them.

2. Nutrition
Whether you’re brand new to plant-based eating, or you went vegan back when granulated TVP was the MVP of vegan proteins, fuelling specifically for your workouts and your body composition goals can be confusing. 
There’s a ton of vegan nutrition information out there, but most of it isn’t tailored to folks who strength train.

3. Consistency

Consistent health habits require an environment that supports them. And one of the most bulletproof ways to create such an environment is being accountable to coaches who are invested in your results.


Nailing your workouts, nutrition, and consistency can feel overwhelming.

No wonder your head is spinning with Too. Much. Information.


Even worse, your Instagram feed is full of roided-out gym bros and scantily-clad bikini competitors trying to separate you from your money and insisting you chug 16 protein shakes (from their MLM company) a day.

Sick of this sh*t? Us too.

That’s why we created a program that will help you build lifelong fitness and nutrition habits without limiting yourself to 6 “allowed” foods, working out two hours a day, poring over kinesiology textbooks, or buying a starter pack for a questionable supplement company.

Introducing: Coach K and Coach Zoe’s Kick-Ass Vegan Training Protocol*

The actually-fun online vegan personal training program that will help you reach your health goals, and keep ‘em up until you’re 103 years old.

*OK, so we don’t actually have an official name for our coaching.

custom workout by Karina Inkster

Apply to train with us!

Build and stick to your health habits with next-level accountability from two experienced (and long-term vegan) coaches.

Your workouts are super adaptable – even more than a typical gym session. We have clients who split their workouts into five 15-minute sessions per week, for example.
You work out when and where you want, but still get the benefit of a structured program and ongoing support from coaches.

You don't need to go to a gym, if you don't want to! Many of our clients train at home.

You get better accountability and support. We provide ongoing, unlimited, in-depth support as you work toward your goals.

You're part of a team. You'll be joining all our other awesome vegan clients on the team for insight and support.

Location is irrelevant. You can work with kick-ass coaches who suit your needs from anywhere in the world!

The perks of online fitness training:

So, what do I get?


You’ll get a customized workout program created specifically for you and your goals, whether you want to get confident using gym equipment, improve your body composition, nail your first chin-up, or prepare for a zombie apocalypse.


We’ll give you a simple, sustainable, and easily-executable food plan for fuelling your fitness and physique goals. And you won’t even have to spend 5 hours in the kitchen every Sunday or defile your oatmeal with protein powder!


Unlike a once-a-week appointment with a trainer at a gym, we’re here for you every day. We’ll help you track your workouts and nutrition in a way that works for you – and make sure you hit your goals! Communicate with us as much (or as little) as you'd like.

Gym Equipment

With our coaching team in your corner, you will:

• Stay consistent with your fitness with our top-secret Workout Tethering Technique™

• Get confident with your exercise form (no more wondering if squats are helping or hurting your knees)

• Finally create enjoyable, plant-based nutrition habits that support your fitness and physique goals – without lugging a duffel bag of food prep containers to all your meetings.

• Maximize your workout efficiency by focusing on the right strength-building moves, so you can take your newly-toned ass to the farmer’s market to buy some apples (instead of clocking yet another fruitless gym hour).

You stand head and shoulders above the rest of the vegan coaching options Google served up. Straight-up transparency, no photos of skimpy outfits and implied promises to make you look great in a bikini, no guilt and body-hating… your coaching stands unique and better than everything else out there. Thank you.”
- Rhonda

“I had never done a chin-up before training with Karina. I’m now doing 7 full chin-ups with strict form! (She tells me I’m performing them better than most 20-year-olds… I’m in my 50’s.)”
- Cheri

Bonus: we're not your typical gym-bro trainers

1. We’re not phoning it in. We don’t just give you a PDF of exercises and call it a day. We offer next-level, ongoing communication with our clients; as much or as little as you’d like (you’re the boss).

2. We’re weight-neutral. We don’t force you to count calories, post progress photos, or weigh in every week. If you want to do those things, great! But they’re not mandatory in our programs.

3. We’re inclusive, anti-racist, and queer-friendly. We work to make awesome humans of all backgrounds and identities — LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, gender-diverse, neurodivergent, folks with disabilities — an integral part of our coaching space and community.

Your coaches

We're vegan coaches who celebrate ridiculous dance moves, dark chocolate, and busting B.S. in the fitness industry. Here’s who we are:

Coach K
Karina Inkster is a 21-year vegan, lover of chin-ups and dark chocolate, author of 5 books, and host of the No-B.S. Vegan Podcast, available on all major podcast platforms and syndicated on radio in her city of Powell River, BC. Coach K has been kicking clients’ butts since 2011. She holds a Master’s degree in Gerontology, specializing in health and aging. Her work has been profiled by CNBC, Huffpost, Healthline, Bustle, and

Coach Zoe
Vegan for 14 years and a dedicated kettlebell aficionado for 4 years, Coach Zoe joined the K.I. team in 2020. She is a Vancouver March To Close All Slaughterhouses co-organizer, founder of the Vancouver Vegan Resource Centre, and co-founder of Ban Fur Farms BC, which she’s represented at animal rights conferences internationally. She is also the Community Engagement Coordinator at Griffins Boxing Gym in North Vancouver.

Vegan fitness coach Zoe Peled

Wanna work with us?

Karina Inkster, vegan fitness coach
Gym Equipment

Word on the street




“How I feel about my body has changed significantly. I feel more confident, have more energy, and can feel myself getting stronger. I am so thrilled to just feel happier in my own skin.”

“I got clarification on vegan nutrition that I was thoroughly confused about. What you have given me will help me live a healthier, stronger life.”

“I wasn't sure how to start a strength training regimen, but knew it was important.
I didn't need someone shouting at me or shaming me, or any other number of ineffective coaching styles. Your steady, positive, affirming approach was just right. You let me direct the course, making corrections and suggestions as needed, all while keeping my goals in mind. Thank you, thank you, thank you for setting me up for success on this lifelong path.”


3 month minimum commitment; prices are in USD


Fitness Kick in the Butt


Per month

A legacy program for clients who have completed at least 3 months of the Gold Standard or Full-On Badass programs, and have bulletproofed their workout and nutrition habits.

Customized workout program

Weekly accountability check-ins​​

Progress tracking

Unlimited in-app text messaging

Group support from fellow clients

Your own team of two vegan coaches


The Gold Standard


Per month

Make sure you've got all your bases covered to get you kick-ass results: individualized workout programs, correct exercise form, and on-point plant-based nutrition.

Best value

Customized workout program

One 45-minute kickoff call

Weekly accountability check-ins

Progress tracking

Unlimited text and video messaging

Unlimited exercise form analysis

Ongoing nutrition monitoring

Habit-based nutrition coaching

Nutrition resources and recipes

Group support from fellow clients

Your own team of two vegan coaches


The Full-On Badass


Per month

Get the most trainer support to skyrocket your health and fitness. Weekly coaching calls will help you to create new lifestyle habits while keeping you accountable.

Customized workout program

Weekly 30-minute coaching calls

Weekly accountability check-ins

Progress tracking

Unlimited text and video messaging

Unlimited exercise form analysis

Ongoing nutrition monitoring

Habit-based nutrition coaching

Nutrition resources and recipes

Group support from fellow clients

Your own team of two vegan coaches

Submit your application!

Got Q's? We've got A's.

Wondering if you’ll need to join a gym? If you’ll get a meal plan? Or how often you’ll have to work out? Find answers to all these and more, over on our FAQ page

Let's get crackin'!

My best friend said she has noticed I have a lot more muscle and that I'm looking more toned which is great considering I haven't been training that long, but it shows when you do train properly and eat accordingly you will see results a lot quicker working with a trainer than I ever did when I was "training" on my own. So thank you! I really appreciate all of your guidance and for the great workouts every time. I'm really looking forward to continuing working with you!!


alive mag_edited.png

Karina Inkster is AMAZING!! Karina challenges me more and more with each new workout and suddenly I find myself stronger, leaner, and more badass than before!! I joke that she is trying to kill me each time I get a new challenge, but I know she wouldn't get me doing something she doesn't think I could handle. I highly recommend Karina to anyone and everyone looking for a kick-ass personal trainer and an all-around awesome lady to keep you motivated!!


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