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Vegan nutrition coaching

Our team of coaches has you covered! Are you:

  • Navigating a plant-based diet for the first time?

  • Already vegan, looking to ensure your nutrition matches your health and physique goals?

  • Not sure where to go to get clear, accessible, and realistic nutrition support?

Look no further. Our vegan nutrition coaching sessions are designed to help you if you're starting the vegan adventure, embarking on a new training venture, a long-term vegan needing a refresh on nutrition and food, and everyone in between.

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Nutrition sessions with Coach Zoe
(Certified Fitness Coach)

These one-on-one coaching sessions will:

  • Offer clarification around calories and macros, how you can use them (or not use them!), and how to meet them on a vegan diet.

  • Show you how to lead with whole, plant-based foods -- and also include your favourite treat foods!

  • Outline the unique things vegans should be thinking about with their nutrition.

  • Outline info about pre- and post-workout nutrition.

  • Offer supplement suggestions.

  • Work to reframe how we talk about food, perceive food, and integrate it into our lives.

  • Answer all your burning questions about fuelling your training with a plant-based diet.

  • Leave you with a customized nutrition package based on your goals and areas of focus. You'll get personalized calorie and macro suggestions, cheat sheets, as well as recipes and tangible strategies to help implement them.

Coach Zoe works with our clients on progressing their strength training, creating long-term lifestyle habits, and ensuring their nutrition supports their workouts, physique, and health goals.

Price: $130 USD

Includes a customized nutrition resources PDF package

It was delightful to speak to you today. This call exceeded all expectations. You inspire such confidence, which is the most important for me.


Thank you so very much for all the great information you shared and so quickly. I so look forward to doing a deep dive into everything you shared.


I knew it would be a valuable call, but it was so much more. I certainly plan to schedule additional calls with you in the future.

Ann G.

Coach Zoe’s athletic background spans a wide range of endeavours, including three professional boxing matches, half-marathons, Muay Thai, multi-day endurance hiking, and distance swimming. Zoe is currently training for her first triathlon, a 1000+ mile bicycle ride, coaches a beginner class at Eastside Boxing, and eventually plans to tackle a competition of some sort related to her first and true love: weights, kettlebells and strength training.


Currently Zoe is a Vancouver March To Close All Slaughterhouses co-organizer, and facilitates events and community relations for numerous local vegan businesses. She founded the Vancouver Vegan Resource Centre (VVRC) in Fall 2018, and co-founded Ban Fur Farms BC. Zoe has been vegan for 14 years, and an animal rights activist for {almost} the same duration of time.

Looking for ongoing support?

Make sure you check out our monthly fitness and nutrition coaching programs that offer personalized workout programs, ongoing accountability, support, and one-on-one contact with your coaches.

I want to provide my highest recommendation for engaging Karina and Zoe in their nutrition services. They are providing a service that is missing in the fitness community, not to mention the vegan fitness community. There is lots of nutritional counselling, but not providing templates and strategies -- more theories which is tricky for the beginner, or someone stuck in their wellness journey. 


I was extremely happy with the whole experience. I had engaged Karina and Zoe with support ensuring I was on the right track with my vegan diet to meet my fitness goals, but also for overall wellness.  heir use of evidence-based resources and personal knowledge gave me a ton of confidence with my food choices that I have continued to carry with me and incorporate easily without obsessing. 


My results mentally and physically have been amazing. They kept it simple and attainable and listened to understand my goals and my “stucks”, and customize to what will work best for my brain and habits. The follow up email post-session was beyond impressive including links to many resources and a meal plan to follow to get a feel for how I should feel. The recipes provided were wonderful, easy to make, full of flavour and something I was excited to try. 


Thank you, Karina and Zoe, for being so inclusive and focusing on holistic wellness with zero judgement about where someone may be currently, where they may be going or where they have been in the past.

Tam-Lynn Coxworth

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