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Vegan nutrition coaching for plant-based badasses who want lifelong results.

Less restriction and more results!

In each vegan nutrition coaching session you’ll get practical know-how for making sure your eating habits support your fitness goals. We’ll analyze your current diet and I’ll suggest simple changes you can make to ensure you get the health, athletic performance, physique, and vegan superpowers you want.

Meal plans: In case you're wondering, I don't give clients prescribed meal plans for the simple reason that they don't work. A diet plan is not empowering; it takes you away from your own decision-making process (which you need for long-term success). 
Instead, expect informative and encouraging sessions that empower you to take charge of your own nutrition in a way that works for you - and get kick-butt results in the process.

Newbie or wannabe vegan?

Look no further for the support and knowledge you need. I'll help you through your exciting transition and make sure you're on the right track toward a healthy, long-term vegan lifestyle. 

Already a pro-level vegan?

My clients who've been vegan for many years are amazed at the new knowledge they gain from our nutrition sessions, including how to tailor their eating habits to suit their fitness goals, how to create a day-to-day "food architecture" that supports healthy habits, and of course getting inspired by new and delicious food options (hey, I didn't write a whole cookbook for nothin'!) I'm known for coming up with creative food prep ideas my clients hadn't thought of before, like how to prepare a week's worth of vegan dinners in an hour or less!

Looking for ongoing support?

Make sure you check out our monthly coaching programs that offer ongoing accountability, support, and one-on-one contact with your coaches.

PSST: Want more than 100 mouthwatering vegan recipes created specifically to support an active lifestyle? Interested in 16 interviews with vegan athletes covering their nutrition, training, and more? Check out my cookbook and active living guide, The Vegan Athlete: A Complete Guide to a Healthy, Plant-Based, Active Lifestyle.

Nutrition coaching sessions




Lots of detail for those serious about getting results. I'll review your food log prior to our session and make suggestions for sustainable changes. We'll go over your calorie and macronutrient needs, meal and snack options, pre- and post-workout nutrition, and more. E-mail follow-up included with notes and resources.

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