Muzammil Ahmad

3rd year medical student, MSc in psychology, certification in nutrition, and Bachelor's in business. "More times than not, we should be prescribing our patients with a healthy lifestyle over medications".

IG: @dr.plantbased

Facebook: @dr.plantbased


Daniel Austin

15-year vegan, championship winner in powerlifting. His book, The Way of the Vegan Meathead, shows you how to easily eat more than enough protein on a vegan diet to achieve extreme strength goals.

IG: @veganxmeathead

Facebook: @veganXmeathead

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Korin Sutton

Pro bodybuilder, master fitness trainer, nutritionist. Korin helps new vegans learn nutrition and lose fat. He’s been vegan for 9 years and served in the military for 8 years.

IG: @korinsutton

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Melody Schoenfeld

Trainer, author, nutrition coach, MA in health psychology, lifter of heavy things, bender of metal, singer of metal, has been known to throw large rocks and hammers.

IG: @5ftoffury1

Facebook: @flawlessfitnesspasadena


Zoe Peled

Fitness coach, three professional boxing matches under her belt, marketing and community engagement professional, lover of kettlebells.

IG: @zoemarg

Karina Inkster

Author of 4 books, host of the No-Bullsh!t Vegan podcast, award-winning online fitness and nutrition coach, 18-year vegan, and lover of chin-ups (and dark chocolate).


IG: @karinainkster
FB: @karinainkster

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Sprouted Gains ebook: Your vegan athlete starter kit. Lose fat and gain muscle on a plant-based diet.

Online vegan personal training and nutrition coaching. A friendly kick in the butt that inspires and motivates you to live your best, healthiest, most plant-strong life.

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