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NBSV 037: Competitive cyclist Ian Cramer on helping people get healthier with plant­-based nutrition

Vegan competitive cyclist Ian Cramer

Ian Cramer is a competitive cyclist who rode his bike across America in 2015, all on a plant-based diet. He leads by example and helps those around him through his podcast and public speaking. Ian is passionate about helping people get healthier using plant-based nutrition through evidence and responsible civil discourse.​

Ian has interviewed over 50 experts in plant­ based nutrition for his podcast, spoken publicly at universities, libraries, high schools, community centers, and the Rochester Academy of Medicine.

Listen below!

Important topics and points you don't want to miss:

>> Why disagreeing with others or listening to others with dissenting opinions is OK

>> Why Ian doesn’t use the term “vegan nutrition” and uses “whole food, plant­-based diet”

>> Whether the definition of the term “vegan” should by default include personal health

>> Promoting veganism in a responsible, compassionate way

>> Health as a journey - what it means to foster a “legacy mindset” about your health

>> How social media can be toxic and counterproductive, and Ian’s suggestions for what we can do to counter its negative aspects, and to create supportive environments for ourselves and others

Connect with Ian:


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