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NBSV 055: David Isbister on vegan meats, banning cetacean captivity, and being vegan for 20+ years

Vegan David Isbister

David Isbister is a raised vegetarian and 20+ year vegan, who started a simple secret supper club from his basement that became PlantBase Food, an emerging vegan food producer. He has a history as a touring rock 'n' roll front man, a support worker mainly for folks with autism, and now works at his own business and other community endeavours.

Important topics and points you don't want to miss:

>> What it was like being vegan 20 years ago.

>> How David approaches the debate about the "healthiness" of vegan meats. (And how he makes amazing vegan meats, having never eaten animal meat.)

>> David's work to ban whale and dolphin captivity in aquariums and zoos.

>> Tips for transitioning to a vegan diet.

>> How can we use an ethical approach to support or take action for displaced, marginalized, and/or homeless populations.

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