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NBSV 008: Margs O'Farrell on 5 myths about veganism

Vegan fitness coach Margs O'Farrell

Joining us on the show is fitness coach and vegan badass Margs O’Farrell. She’s a personal trainer and coach with a special interest in strength for rehabilitation, and she’s most recently taken on a role as an online coach for Muscle Nerds. She also mentors and trains personal trainers, and she’s an elite-level Les Mills group fitness instructor.

Her hands-on work with clients revolves around helping people who are post-physio go on to regain movement and strength that had been lost. Many of these people are athletes who then return to competition.

Important topics and points you don't want to miss:

>> Myth #1: Veganism is inaccessible. (Put another way, veganism is "an elite diet for rich hippies who just eat dates and bananas".)

>> Myth #2: Science should not be trusted unless it comes from a vegan source.

>> Myth #3: Veganism is too hard!

>> Myth #4: The age-old myth of protein deficiency.

>> Myth #5: Going vegan will negatively affect your athletic performance.

>> Within our vegan movement, "The people with the loudest voices are the people who are heard the most". We discuss this concept and the prevalence of extreme vegan diets like 80/10/10.

>> In Margs's words: "In the vegan world, too many people have an agenda or an angle. People should never be manipulated into making choices. Getting the tools to help make a vegan change sustainable is what new vegans need."

Links mentioned in the episode:

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