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NBSV 078: Robby Barbaro on mastering diabetes and insulin resistance with a plant-based diet

Vegan author and entrepreneur Robby Barbaro

Robby Barbaro spent 6 years building the Forks Over Knives brand, and is the cofounder of Mastering Diabetes. He discusses insulin resistance and why you should care (whether or not you’re diagnosed with diabetes). How can you tell if you’re insulin resistant? How can a plant-based diet manage—and even reverse—insulin resistance and diabetes? Robby takes us through why the conventional approach to diabetes is flawed, and what we should be doing instead. Also: what’s wrong with low-carb diets?

Here’s our discussion:

Important topics and points you don't want to miss:

>> What is insulin resistance, and how can we reverse it with a plant-based diet?

>> How to tell whether you're insulin resistant.

>> The role of fat in insulin resistance.

>> Why might low-carb diets be detrimental to our long-term health?

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