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NBSV 058: "Travelling is too difficult!" is a B.S. excuse to not go vegan

Vegan fitness and nutrition coach Karina Inkster

If you’re thinking about going vegan, if you’re vegan already, or if you’d like to be able to help others to go vegan, this episode is jam-packed with lots of information about travelling the world on a completely plant-based diet.

I give you my own take on vegan travel, and share insight from 13 other vegans! And yes, that's me in the pic, playing didgeridoo in Australia's Kakadu National Park, hundreds of kilometres from the nearest city.

"Travelling is too difficult!" is one of the main reasons I hear people cite for not going fully vegan. In this episode, I'll share why I think that's bullsh!t, and what to do about it.

Listen below!

Important topics and points you don't want to miss:

>> Why I believe that if veganism is a priority for you, you'll make it work in any circumstance.

>> What types of foods I pack when I travel.

>> Input from 13 vegans: travel tips for road trips, flights, and backpacking; food to pack; how to plan ahead; and much more.

Mentioned in the episode:

>> Vegan translation cards: Print cards in over 100 languages that say "I'm vegan", and what that means (no meat, no dairy, no eggs, plant foods only).

>> NBSV 028: My vegan client Nadia living in remote Outback Australia.

>> find vegan restaurants and stores worldwide.

Additional vegan travel resources:



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Vegan fitness and nutrition coach Karina Inkster

Need a friendly kick in the butt to level-up your fitness and vegan nutrition? If you're a newbie vegan who wants to make sure you're doing everything right, or a long-term pro looking for the next step, I can help. Apply for my vegan fitness and nutrition coaching here.


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