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NBSV 031: Clinical dietitian Seren Wechsler on blood work vegans should get, B12, iron, and zinc

Clinical dietitian Seren Wechsler

Seren Wechsler is here to talk about blood work vegans should get, a few specific nutrients including B12, iron, and zinc, and his thoughts on why nutrition professions don’t get respected as they should.

Seren is a clinical dietitian in Jersey City. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Food Science, a Master’s degree in nutrition, and was licensed as a registered dietitian in 2015.

Listen below!

Important topics and points you don't want to miss:

>> Seren's vegan story and his amazing 130 pound weight loss!

>> Blood work that vegans should get regularly. What tests do you ask for? How do you determine your iron and B12 levels?

>> How can you tell whether your calcium intake is on point. (Hint: you can’t test it via blood work.)

>> The common myth that B12 is only found in animal products.

>> Vegans need up to 50% more zinc than non-vegans and where to get the zinc you need.

>> Seren’s thoughts on why nutrition as a profession may not be respected as it should.

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