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NBSV 072: Bradie S. Crandall shares 6 reasons why a vegan diet is beneficial for strength athletes

Vegan powerlifter Bradie S. Crandall

State record-holding vegan powerlifter, former collegiate football player, and chemical and biomolecular engineering PhD student Bradie S. Crandall shares his story of becoming a vegan athlete, and 6 ways in which a vegan diet is beneficial for strength athletes compared to a diet that includes animal products. Bradie is the author of the upcoming book, The Living Machine: Engineering Strength with a Plant-Based Diet, and he’s announcing its release date for the first time on this show.

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Important topics and points you don't want to miss:

>> Bradie's story of becoming vegan, having come from a hyper-masculine environment of meat-eating and football. He shares how his motivations changed from purely environmental to also encompassing health, animal rights, and athletic performance.

>> 6 ways in which a vegan diet is beneficial for strength athletes:

1. Increased micronutrient intake

2. The tendency to decrease consumption of treat foods

3. Microbiome benefits

4. Improved athletic recovery

5. Improved blood flow

6. Psychological benefits

Bradie's book:

Connect with Bradie:

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