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NBSV 020: Elite strength athlete Matt Terry shares his vegan story for the first time

Elite strength athlete Matt Terry

Competitive strength athlete Matt Terry is here to share his incredible story of veganism for the first time. We also discuss veganism as it relates to strength sports and building muscle, protein, supplementation, and more. Matt hasn’t yet shared his story and wanted a vegan platform to tell it. I’m honoured to have him on the show to share his story of overnight veganism - stemming from health issues including a ruptured appendix and a kidney tumour - and how being vegan has changed his life.

After struggling with obesity most of his life, Matt turned his pain into a passion for all things sports and nutrition. He completed his degrees in exercise science and has spent the last 18 years as a trainer and nutrition coach helping change minds and transform lives.

Matt played college football, has competed in all strength sports from powerlifting to Olympic lifting and natural bodybuilding. He was a member of the men’s US national team for Olympic weightlifting, winning 3 national championships, he took part in the 2000 Olympic trials (missed qualifying for the Olympics by only one spot!), and lifted in world championships and the Pan Am games.

Listen below!

Important topics and points you don't want to miss:

>> Matt's transformation from disliking vegans and not ever wanting to be one, to adopting the lifestyle and loving it.

>> Veganism is not a "magic bullet" for disease prevention.

>> You can easily perform athletically at a high level on a vegan diet - provided you understand how to fuel properly. Matt shares his advice.

>> Protein might not be as important as you think (but you still need to consider it, especially if you're a strength athlete).

>> You won't lose muscle on a vegan diet.

>> All diets need supplementation, not just the vegan diet!

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