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NBSV 064: Heidi Braacx on the ethics and environmental impacts of wool, and vegan alternatives

Fibre and dye artist Heidi Braacx

Heidi is a fibre artist and dyer and the owner of Vegan Yarn, a sustainable and ethical supplier of hand dyed yarn and fibre for knitters, weavers, and other fibre artists.

Heidi joins me to discuss the ethics and environmental impacts of wool, and why vegans don't use it. Heidi says, "Just because wool is biodegradable doesn’t mean it’s environmentally friendly”.

Here’s our discussion:

Important topics and points you don't want to miss:

>> The environmental impact of wool and other textiles, and why vegans don't use wool.

>> Plant-based alternatives to wool, and their respective impacts on the environment.

>> How can we, as consumers of clothing and/or fibre products, ensure we choose ethical products that have a minimal impact on our environment? Heidi has 3 steps for us.

Useful information:

>> Heidi's resources on the wool industry (bottom of the page, under "Why Vegan?")

>> Ecologist article: The environmental impact of wool.

From the article: "The groundbreaking "Pulse of the Fashion Industry" report ranked the production of sheep's wool as more polluting – for cradle-to-gate environmental impact per kilogram of material – than that of acrylic, polyester, spandex, and rayon fibres."

Connect with Heidi:


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