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Done-for-you workout plans, and next-level accountability

Looking for straightforward and effective workouts, as well as accountability and nutrition tips from two long-term vegan coaches, but not looking to invest in one of our individualized coaching programs at the moment? Our group coaching program is for you!

If you're vegan (or somewhere on the plant-based spectrum) and want support from coaches who won't keep prompting you to chug whey protein shakes (or any protein shakes, if that's not your jam), join us!

This is your lower-price-point-while-still-being-super-effective coaching option.

We're not just throwing a PDF at you and calling it a day


This is not a "download a PDF and you're on your own" situation. You're joining our coaching space via a mobile app (also available on desktop). Here you'll have access to your workouts, our vegan food prep group, and your coaching group with Coach K, Coach Zoe, and other members.


Your coaches receive a log of every workout you complete, and we're available to answer all your questions, provide support, and brainstorm ideas (and talk about delicious vegan foods, of course!)

custom workout by Karina Inkster
custom workout by Karina Inkster
custom workout by Karina Inkster

So, what's the deal?

Our regular coaching programs include a workout plan made from scratch for each client, ongoing nutrition coaching, private communication with us coaches, exercise form checks via video, and much more.

Our group coaching program includes none of these things.

To make this program a lower-cost option for folks who want a workout plan, accountability, and coach + group support, we're keepin' it simple!

Why should you join?


  • You’ll get a strength training plan that works. You'll be free from information overload and will get focused on the right things you need to do to get results.

  • You’ll level-up your health habits much, much faster than if you used articles, YouTube, or an accountability pact with your spouse. Your two coaches will have our eyeballs on everything you do. (OK, not everything, but everything workout-related!)

  • You’ll feel calm and focused, rather than stressed and overloaded, as you work toward your fitness goals.

  • You’ll learn from folks all over the world who have the same goals you do.

  • You’ll be part of an inclusive coaching space that aims to bust B.S. within the fitness and diet industries.

  • You’ll enjoy your fitness-increasing adventure! And that means you’ll stick with it long-term.

Stay with us as long as you'd like! Cancel any time.

Here's how it works:

You'll choose whether you'd like to work out at home or at the gym. For home workouts, all you need is a set of resistance bands. Our programs are designed for either 3 or 4 strength training workouts per week -- you choose!

For full-on accountability, Coach Zoe and Coach K get notified every time you complete a workout.

Other awesome things you get:


  • Access to our Voyages in Vegan Vittles group, focusing on vegan nutrition, meal prep, and fuelling strength training on a plant-based diet.

  • ​Unlimited in-app text messaging with Coach K and Coach Zoe (in a group with other members from around the world) for support, coaching, and answers to your questions.​

  • New workout programs every 6 weeks.

  • Progress tracking so you can make sure you're making strength gains.

Word on the street...

Here are some client notes, wins, and kudos! 

Coach K and Coach Zoe.png



Free up some mental space!


There's a lot of (often conflicting) information out there, and we hear from many people who want to start strength training (or want to be more consistent with it), but have no idea what program to follow, or how to make one of their own. They'll ask:

  • "Which moves should I include in my workouts?"

  • "How many exercises should I do each time?"

  • "How many reps and sets, and in which order?"

  • "How do I split up training different muscle groups across the week?"

  • "How do I make sure I keep getting results?"

We'll take care of all of this, so you can focus on following a tried-'n'-true program made by experienced fitness professionals, without wasting mental energy. Free up some of that brain space!


Who is Coach K?

Founder of the K.I. Health & Fitness, Karina Inkster (a.k.a. Coach K) is your go-to vegan health and fitness coach, providing a friendly kick in the butt that inspires and motivates you to live your best, healthiest, most plant-strong life. 

Author of 5 books, magazine writer, podcast host, award-winning and certified online coach, 20-year vegan, and lover of chin-ups (and dark chocolate), Coach K works tirelessly to ensure her clients skyrocket their energy, confidence, and plant-based health superpowers.

She holds a Master's degree in Gerontology, specializing in health and aging.

Learn more about Coach K (and what she's up to when she's not kicking clients' butts) here.

Karina Inkster, vegan fitness coach

Who is Coach Zoe?

Zoe Peled is a fitness coach and Marketing and Community Engagement Professional based in Vancouver, B.C. In addition to her PT Certification, Coach Zoe has done additional studies in kettlebell training, and accessibility and inclusion within the fitness industry. Her past instruction includes a Womens’ Self Defence Series, group classes, and boxing coaching.


Zoe facilitates events and community relations for numerous local vegan businesses. In 2018, she founded the Vancouver Vegan Resource Centre (VVRC). Zoe has been vegan for 13 years, and an animal rights activist for (almost) the same duration of time.

Coach Zoe Peled

Got questions?


Get in touch any time!


Ready to get started?


Sign up below. We're looking forward to working with you!

I feel that you are the best trainer I've worked with and I'm really happy that I found you. You really care about helping your clients reach their fitness goals and you do a lot of extras, like the emails and the videos which have really been beneficial to me in helping me improve my form. Thanks again, I appreciate what you do. I know it's a lot of extra time and effort that you put into your clients and it doesn't go unnoticed by me. 


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