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NBSV 067: From butcher to vegan bodybuilder: Fraser Bayley's story, and insights on mindset

Vegan bodybuilder Fraser Bayley

Fraser Bayley has an unusual story – having gone from being a butcher with multiple mental health challenges to a passionate vegan advocate, bodybuilder, and online strength & nutrition coach. In a struggle to overcome serious mental illness including bi-polar disorder, ADHD, and severe social anxiety, Fraser chose to walk away from the butchery industry for good. He never realized how health, fitness, and veganism would then come together to transform his life in many amazing ways. Today Fraser operates an online vegan health and fitness brand called Evolving Alpha with his wife Lauren, which helps other vegans, curious non-vegans & high-performing entrepreneurs get healthy, strong & achieve a higher state of peak performance through a vegan diet & lifestyle.

Here’s our discussion:

Important topics and points you don't want to miss:

>> Fraser used to be a butcher dealing with a variety of mental health challenges. Now he’s a passionate vegan advocate, bodybuilder, and strength and nutrition coach. He shares his story about how this radical change happened in his life.

>> Common mindset challenges Fraser works on with his clients.

>> The parallels between what leads to long-term veganism and what leads to long-term fitness.

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