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NBSV 106: Chef AJ & Glen Merzer on the science of low-fat, plant based diets

We’ve all heard the discussions around low-fat, plant-based diets [sometimes referred to as whole foods, plant-based]. The question remains: is it all hype, or are these sentiments true?

Chef AJ and Glen Merzer, co-authors of the new book Own Your Health: How to Live Long and Avoid Chronic Illness, join me to discuss this lifestyle, answer the aforementioned question once and for all, and discuss how we can strategically move veganism forward in a culture that has normalized eating animal products.

Important topics and points you don't want to miss:

>> Recognizing the science that supports the low-fat plant-based diet (it is settled science!)

>> Shifting veganism forward in a culture that has normalized eating animal products.

>> The concept of food addiction, and where it intersects with this dialogue.

Connect with Chef AJ & Glen:

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Episode transcript:

Access a full transcript of the episode here.


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