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NBSV 079: Bradie S. Crandall busts myths on climate change, cattle farming, organic crops, & GMOs

Vegan powerlifter Bradie S. Crandall

Bradie S. Crandall is here to discuss how the foods we eat affect climate change (and why being vegan fights climate change), shed some light on animal agriculture (cattle, in particular), including some major myth-busting about grass fed free range beef; and as if that wasn’t enough, he’s also going to discuss advantages and disadvantages of GMO foods, and he’ll challenge the idea that organic produce is always better for the environment than conventionally-grown produce.

Bradie is a state record-holding vegan powerlifter and former collegiate football player who holds a B.S. in chemical engineering from the University of South Carolina. He is currently a Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering PhD Student at the University of Delaware. Recently, he published his first book, The Living Machine: Engineering Strength with a Plant-Based Diet, which debuted as one of the top 20 new nutrition books on Amazon.

Here’s our discussion:

Important topics and points you don't want to miss:

>> Why (and how) being vegan fights climate change

>> How does grass fed, free range beef affect our environment and climate change?

>> Advantages and disadvantages of GMO foods.

>> Is organic produce always better for the environment than conventionally-grown produce? (Spoiler: nope.)

Mentioned in the episode, and bonus resources:

>> Beef to beans study (paywalled)

>> Media coverage of the beef to beans study

>> A video put out by the Food Climate Research Network on their meta-analysis of emissions associated with free-range grass fed beef

Connect with Bradie:


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