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NBSV 018: Emma Green on motivation, habits, willpower, cognitive biases, mindfulness, and veganism

Vegan personal trainer Emma Green

We have a fantastic no-bullshit vegan guest on the show today. Emma Green is a PhD candidate at the University of East London, with a Masters degree in health psychology. She’s also a qualified personal trainer. She provides people with the information and confidence they need to reach their fitness goals in a way that’s effective, sustainable, and fun!

She’s won prizes at academic conferences for both poster and oral presentations about her PhD research, and I’d suggest following her on Instagram @veganfitnessphd (which is how we met!)

Emma is vegan herself, but today we’re discussing a lot of topics that aren’t exclusive to veganism. Given her health psychology background, we’re talking about why motivation is overrated, the value of building habits, myths about willpower, how cognitive biases factor into our decision-making and thought processes, and that mindfulness is not just a ‘woo’ concept!

Listen below!

Important topics and points you don't want to miss:

>> Why motivation is overrated. The belief that you need motivation to take action holds many people back from achieving their goals.

>> Habits, and why they're so useful for behaviour change.

>> Myths about willpower, including new research that says it is not, in fact, a limited resource as we once thought. Also, you don't need willpower to achieve your goals.

>> Cognitive biases, and why we're not as rational as we think.

>> Mindfulness is not just a "woo" concept. It can help you level-up your health and fitness!

Connect with Emma:

>> Vegan Fitness Guide (e-book for beginner and intermediate trainees wanting to get stronger and build muscle)

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