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NBSV 061: Dr. Bo Bennett on sentiocentrism and the morality of eating meat and animal products

Dr. Bo Bennett

Dr. Bo Bennett is a social scientist, business consultant, adjunct professor, and author of over a dozen books centered on critical thinking, reason, and psychology. He has degrees in marketing, general psychology, and a PhD in social psychology. His latest book, "Eat Meat... or Don't" focuses on the moral arguments for and against eating meat. He considers himself a "flexitarian" as someone who has given up beef and pork over 25 years ago and eats chicken or fish about twice a week.

Listen below!

Listen for Dr. Bennett's ideas on:

>> How moral theories must be considered when discussing the morality/ethics of eating meat.

>> How do we make moral evaluations to conclude if killing animals for food is moral or not?

>> The moral framework of sentiocentrism, and using it to determine which - and how many - animal products to consume.

Connect with Dr. Bo Bennett:


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