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NBSV 010: Jackson Long and Aaron Stuber on bringing sanity back to nutrition science

Vegan athletes Jackson Long and Aaron Stuber

Jackson and Aaron from Thought For Food Lifestyle are here to talk about bringing back sanity to nutrition science, how they fuel their athletic training on vegan diets, and why fibre is the most underrated nutrient of all time.

Jackson is a high level road cyclist. He holds a Bachelors degree in integrative physiology and public health, and he’s currently completing his Master’s degree in applied nutrition. And he recently gave a TEDx talk!

Aaron is a registered nurse, health coach, parent of two, and mountain athlete. He’s a certified Emergency Medical Technician with specialized training in wilderness medicine. He’s got a background in rock climbing and has been running ultra marathons for the last several years.

Jackson and Aaron host the kick-ass Thought For Food podcast. Do yourself a favour and check it out immediately!

Thanks so much to Jackson and Aaron for taking the time to be on the No-Bullshit Vegan show. Listen to our episode below!

Important topics and points you don't want to miss:

>> Why there's so much pseudoscience within veganism, and how we can all work toward bringing back sanity to the movement.

>> How Jackson and Aaron fuel their respective athletic training on 100% plant-based diets.

>> Why fiber is the most underrated nutrient of all time.

>> The concept of the preponderance of evidence, and how to use it when you're evaluating whether or not a claim is bullshit.

Vegan athletes Jackson Long and Aaron Stuber

Links mentioned in the episode:

>> Jackson's TEDx talk: Make Pooping Great Again

Connect with Jackson and Aaron:


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