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NBSV 022: 21 listener questions answered! Weight loss, vegan keto, protein powders, supplements, etc

Vegan fitness and nutrition coach Karina Inkster

OK, so I'm not exactly recording my podcast from this amazing location, but I don't have any "normal" recent pics of myself, so you get one of my new favourite swim spot: a former quarry on Texada Island (25 mins on the ferry from my home). This pic was taken while refuelling after swimming around the lake's island, towing a friend and her son on floats behind me (she said, "It pays to have super fit friends!") Still can't believe I live in this amazing place.

Anyway, I've got my second rapid-fire questions episode for y'all! Articles and resources mentioned in the episode are listed below.

Thanks to some excellent questions from our awesome listeners, I'm covering everything from losing weight on a vegan diet, to pre- and post-workout supplements, to what I think about vegan keto (spoiler alert: it's bullshit), to plant-based protein powder options, to quirky habits I have (thanks to my friend Holly for submitting a question that gets me talking about my weirdness on the show...)

Listen below!

Links, further reading, and resources mentioned in the episode:

>> NBSV 007: Dr. Reed Mangels on vegan nutrition for children.

>> NBSV 004 and NBSV 005 with Dr. Anastasia Zinchenko. She discusses why fat is necessary in our diets, and when too much of a healthy food can be a negative thing.

>> Karina's e-book on calories and macros on a vegan diet.

>> Tony Gentilcore's excellent article on keto, including this quote: "there are a lot of people out there who think “Keto” is the end-all-be-all approach that will have everyone losing weight, reducing their risk of diabetes, and getting them accepted into Hogwarts. But when matched for calories and protein….so does every other diet in existence."

>> NBSV 014: My first rapid-fire questions episode. Includes more discussion on supplements.

>> NBSV 009: Sharon Palmer, the Plant-Powered Dietician, discussing vegan nutrition, including calcium.

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