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Team Chat guidelines

The Team Chat is a resource within Trainerize, where all of the members of our community can dialogue about movement, food and recipe ideas, companion animals [crucial], vegan product recommendations, and more.


There are a few subjects below, which we request are kept off of the Team Chat thread. These guidelines are in place to ensure that our community remains safe, accessible, and inclusive to all of our team members. If you’d like to discuss any of the below in your private Coach Chat, please know that is always an option.


Please avoid the following in our Team Chat thread:

1. Harmful talk about food [weight, “bad foods”, certain comments about treat foods, etc]: everyone in our program has a different relationship to these terms. We respect everyones’ right to have those varying relationships. Let’s keep discussion about them respectful, to ensure we aren’t bringing up any red flags for folks.


2. Body shaming: all bodies are good bodies! This is not a space to discuss certain bodies being worth more based on their size, their percentage of muscle, and similar factors.


3. Racism, sexism, or ableism, a.k.a. the triad of non-negotiables. Not the space. Not the place [nor is anywhere.]


4. Vaccine discussions, pertaining to COVID-19 or other: let’s continue to prioritize mental health by acknowledging that we all have different relationships to certain world events, and we have no means of knowing how everyone is impacted.


5. He/She pronouns: collectively, let’s commit to expanding our [often] automatic use of these pronouns. Use gender neutral terms when addressing the group [“Folks!” “Friends!” “Y’all!”], which speak to all of our he/ him, she/her, and they/them community members.

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