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Sprouted Gains:
Your vegan athlete starter kit

Created for newbie and wannabe vegans, Sprouted Gains is a comprehensive, 112-page guide to making sure your vegan nutrition supports your fitness goals - especially if you strength train.

How to go vegan:

A free 10-day

e-mail course

This course shows you how to adopt a plant-based diet. It’s easier than you might think! You’ll learn how to start “veganizing” your meals, stock your pantry, eat at restaurants, get all your required nutrients, and more.

Free 350-item plant-based grocery list

Need inspiration for healthy plant-based eating? Need to spice up your daily meal routine? With more than 350 healthy items (some of which I bet are new to you), you'll be a vegan nutrition superhero in no time.

Free e-book: Calories & macros on a vegan diet

Your guide to logging your food, calculating calories and macros, and fuelling your fitness on a vegan diet. Make sure you're supporting - rather than sabotaging - your fitness goals by learning how to set calorie and macronutrient targets.

I was a client of Karina's for roughly 8 months and it was very worth while. I had never had a personal trainer before and I was hesitant to have an online coach. However, be reassured that Coach K is with you every step of the way. She provides easy to follow workout plans and checks on your progress frequently. Karina is open to adapting the workouts as needed, which was important for me as I was training with an existing injury. I have a unique job where I work sometimes in remote areas with no gym access, which she was able to build programs around.

Karina kept me focused and motivated while I was working in a mining camp in the Yukon, where plant-based food choices were challenging and my schedule was hectic. Thanks to her, I was able to spring out of bed at 2:30am [K's note: yeah, you read that right - it's not a typo!] and exercise almost daily. I encourage you to team-up with Coach K, and her support and personable touch will keep you on track.


Your online vegan personal trainer and nutrition coach. A friendly kick in the butt that inspires and motivates you to live your best, healthiest, most plant-strong life.

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