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NBSV 114: A technological argument against animal products with Dr. Karthik Sekar

Where do technology and animal products intersect [and how do they?]

Dr. Karthik Sekar offers a technological argument against animal products, their problematic relationship to the environment [and the animals], and how the future of plant-based replacements has the capacity to exceed animal-based products in every way.

Humanity has great need to shift past animal products, and this is one part of the process that bears huge potential to help us do so. Listen up!

Important topics and points you don't want to miss:

>> The technological limits of using animal products [from a scientific and technology-based perspective].

>> How technology relates to the environmental and ethical considerations surrounding animal products.

>> The potential of future alternatives, including taste, cost and nutrition.

Connect with Karthik:

>> Karthik on Twitter

>> Karthik on LinkedIn

>> Karthik's website

Episode transcript:

Access a full transcript of the episode here.


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