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NBSV 173: Computational scientist and ultramarathoner Jeyashree Krishnan on critical thinking, veganism, and making sense of conflicting diet info

Why is critical thinking important in choosing one’s diet? Why (and how) are lifestyle and diet choices not binary? How do we make sense of all the conflicting diet information online? My guest joins me to discuss all this, and more.

Dr. Jeyashree Krishnan is a computational scientist and data science consultant with a personal passion for ultramarathons and plant-based cooking. Jeyashree lives in Germany, and uses her knack for simplifying complex data to solve problems and help others understand intricate concepts. Her drive stems from a deep-seated curiosity and a love for learning.

Coming from India and having pursued her Master's and PhD in Germany, Jeyashree brings a diverse range of experiences and insights to her work and daily life. She spends much of her free time diving into books and research papers, always eager to question and critically think about the world around her.

Beyond her academic and professional pursuits, Jeyashree cherishes the challenges of ultramarathons, testing her limits with each race. In the kitchen, she loves to experiment with various cuisines, with a special fondness for spicy dishes. Cooking plant-based meals is more than just a hobby for her; it's a way to explore creative, healthy eating.

Important topics we discussed:

>> Why critical thinking is important for choosing one’s diet and following through with it.

>> Why diet and lifestyle choices are not binary and one can have a big impact by looking at a few aspects.

>> How to sift through millions of conflicting opinions on diet online and make a decision on what works for you.

>> Jeyashree’s ultramarathon training, and the plant-based nutrition that supports it.

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