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NBSV 104: Four Truly F*cked Up Parts of the Fitness Industry with Zoe Peled

What kind of messaging do we see in the fitness industry on a regular basis, and why are many parts of it so problematic? Alongside my coaching colleague Zoe Peled, we commit to calling out four falsities that need to be addressed, including the value assigned to the scale, the perverse need to have statements like " strong is the new skinny", and how the industry strategically markets itself to women based on shame and comparison. Time to kick the BS to the curb!

Important topics and points you don't want to miss:

>> Why the scale is problematic (and why it's only one piece of the puzzle)

>> Progress photos: positive, negative, inspiring, or detrimental?

>> How the industry has managed to market weight gain as inherently bad, when that often may not be the case

Connect with Zoe:

>> Zoe on Instagram

>> Learn more about the coaching program facilitated by Coach K and Coach Z(oe):

Episode transcript:

Access a full transcript of the episode here.


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