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NBSV 174: K.I. team member Izzy Katz on nailing chin-ups, and how she’s stayed consistent with strength training for almost a decade

What’s it like to train for a major strength goal for 1.5 years and nail it? How can we stay consistent with our training even when we don’t feel “motivated”? What lessons can we learn from almost a decade of consistent workouts? K.I. Health & Fitness team member Izzy Katz is here to talk about all this, and more! (Included cats, of course.)

Izzy is a Main Street Vegan Academy Certified Master Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Educator. She works with clients worldwide at all stages of their vegan journey. Growing up vegetarian, Izzy became vegan in 2012 following her move from Manchester, England to Vancouver, Canada. 

Izzy has a law degree from Manchester Metropolitan University. She works for Fraser Health as an Executive Assistant, the United Players of Vancouver Theatre Company as Reservations Manager, and is the Communications Head Honcho at my company, K.I. Health & Fitness. 

Important topics we discussed:

>> Fitting training into a busy work schedule

>> Benefits of consistent strength training for almost a decade (including gaining confidence in commercial gym settings, and faster recovery from major surgery) >> Veganism, of course!

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