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NBSV 145: Dr. Gregory F. Tague on his book, The Vegan Evolution: Transforming Diets and Agriculture

Scholar, author, and editor Dr. Gregory Tague is on the show to discuss his book, The Vegan Evolution: Transforming Diets and Agriculture. We talk about how and why veganism needs to be the wave of the future for human and planetary health, educating young members of our society, and why anatomically modern humans are not born hunters and eaters of meat.

From Gregory’s book: “We are genetically predisposed to eat for survival, but we are not genetically programmed to eat meat three times a day any more than we are mechanized to eat candy bars.”

“The evolutionary case for veganism is about shifts in cultural attitudes, values, and beliefs that are advantageous to humans, ecosystems, and animals.”

Important topics and points you don't want to miss:

>> We discuss this concept: "There are no boundaries between health/illness and sustainability/climate ruin, only choices about which side of the equation one desires.”

>> The real reason humans dominate the planet (and it’s *not* because we’re “at the top of the food chain”).

>> The diets of our hominin ancestors, and why they don’t align with modern ideas about the “Paleo” diet.

Connect with Dr. Tague

>> Dr. Tague's website

Mentioned in this episode:

>> Dr. Tague's journal, Literary Veganism

Episode Transcript:

>> Access the full transcript of this episode here


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