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NBSV 177: Sandra Nomoto on 4 ways the animal agriculture industry misleads the public about the healthiness of meat, dairy, and eggs

Expert marketer Sandra Nomoto speaks with me about the animal agriculture industry’s marketing tactics. Specifically: four ways they’ve misled the public. These include discrediting research on plant-based diets that showed health benefits, specific marketing campaigns, fear-mongering about vegan diets, and online astroturfing. 

Sandra Nomoto is an award-winning ethical marketer for cruelty-free businesses. She also offers a suite of services for authors with impact. She previously ran Conscious Public Relations Inc. for a decade, which was the fourth public relations agency in Canada to earn B Corporation® certification.

Sandra is the author of two books, including Vegan Marketing Success Stories, the world's first vegan marketing book, honoured by Vegan Choice Awards in 2023. On the side of her desk, she co-hosts VEG Networking Canada, Canada's only vegan networking group, blogs at, and writes for several outlets.

Important topics we discussed:

>> The main industry players to look out for and the BS they’re spouting

>> Reliable resources to turn to for credible information on consuming a plant-based diet

>> Four specific ways meat, dairy, and egg companies mislead the public about the supposed health benefits of their products

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