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NBSV 021: Rachel King on being vegan in the Deep South, handling family events, and more

Vegan Rachel King

Rachel King is here to talk about being vegan in a very un-vegan part of the world, how she navigates family events where nobody else is vegan, her past personal experience as a “professional dieter”, and her current experience strength training while on a vegan diet.

I brought Rachel on the show today because she exemplifies the no-bullshit vegan lifestyle. Seriously, if she can be vegan in the Deep South of the US (rural Alabama, to be exact), I’m fairly certain that you can be vegan anywhere. Also, her story of being a “professional dieter” in the past will likely resonate with some of our listeners, and I think her insight on that subject is very valuable.

Rachel was diagnosed with high blood pressure when she was only 21, but she’s since come off all medications by losing 35 lbs. She went vegan in November 2017, and she’s gained more muscle and lost more fat than ever - all while eating more calories than ever before.

Rachel is the creator of the Fashionably Fit community where she encourages women to create beautiful lives - inside and out - by practicing self care through fashion and fitness. She also runs a virtual assistant business for female entrepreneurs in the wellness space.

Listen below!

Important topics and points you don't want to miss:

>> How Rachel came to choose veganism in a decidedly un-vegan part of the world, and how she deals with living in an area that’s not very vegan-friendly yet.

>> How Rachel navigates family events where nobody else is vegan.

>> Rachel's history of being a "professional dieter". What does it mean to be a "professional dieter"? What changed so she's no longer living this type of lifestyle? In Rachel's words: “This is the first time in my life that I do not feel like I’m on a diet. And that speaks volumes. There’s so much freedom in that.”

>> Rachel's experience strength training while living the vegan lifestyle.

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