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NBSV 016: The Vegan Meathead on how to eat to be strong and myths about the vegan strength lifestyle

Vegan powerlifting competitor Daniel Austin

We have a tried-and-true, seriously no-bullshit vegan joining us on the show today to talk about all things strength training, ass kicking, and myth-busting.

Daniel Austin, author of the book “The Way of The Vegan Meathead: Eating for Strength”, is a 13-year vegan, and a powerlifting competitor for the past 3 years. He’s a member of the well-known international vegan athletic team known as PlantBuilt, and he’ll be competing this October at the USAPL Raw Nationals in Spokane, Washington.

In his sport he’s competed 8 times between the USPA and USAPL. Daniel has steadily improved his total score, and placed in the top 3 at 5 out of 8 of those competitions. For the past two years, he’s been putting up nationally-qualifying totals in both the USPA and USAPL.

It’s worth noting that since Daniel’s been vegan for 13 years and has been lifting for about 7 years, all his gains and strength have been built on plants.

Listen to our episode below!

Important topics and points you don't want to miss:

>> There's no evidence that overcompensating protein consumption on a vegan diet is harmful.

>> The benefits of eating more fat calories.

>> Supplementation is necessary for anyone who subjects their body to a lot of stress.

>> Tips for adopting a vegan strength lifestyle.

>> Why more vegans should be in strength sports.

Vegan powerlifting competitor Daniel Austin

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