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NBSV 070: Why vegans shouldn't support PETA, and how to assess whether an animal sanctuary is legit


I discuss why I as a vegan don’t support PETA, the world’s largest animal rights organization, and why I think you shouldn’t either. PETA does a number of useful things. But overall, I feel PETA sends the wrong messages about animal rights, and gives all of us vegans a bad name.

I share 5 problems with PETA, plus 5 ways it exhibits appalling prejudice toward certain groups of people.

So, which organizations should we support instead? I suggest finding local and smaller-scale organizations. Many of these are animal sanctuaries rather than broader animal rights organizations, so I include in this episode 6 questions to ask when assessing whether a sanctuary is ethically run.

Important topics and points you don't want to miss:

>> PETA's long history of euthanizing thousands of animals each year.

>> Fat shaming, antisemitism, racism, making light of domestic abuse, and queerphobia: how PETA displays prejudice toward many different groups of people.

>> Non-evidence-based information, violence and crime, targeting children, and questionable use of donation money.

>> What types of organizations to support instead (hint: local and small-scale!), and how to tell whether an animal sanctuary is legit.

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