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NBSV 098: “Cheat” meals and why I don’t use that term, there’s no “perfect diet”, & other BS-busting

Vegan actor Justina Adorno

A listener asked, “How do you feel about cheat days or cheat meals?” This is my answer. I discuss why I don’t use the term “cheat” in relation to food, why there’s no such thing as a “perfect” diet or “good” and “bad” foods, why rigid rules and restriction don’t work when it comes to nutrition, and how to break away from the all-or-nothing approach to dieting. I’ve also included powerful writing pieces from three fitness professionals on these subjects.

Important topics and points you don't want to miss:

>> The concept of "the perfect diet": does it actually exist?

>> Why terminology and how we use language is imperative within this dialogue

>> How we can obliterate the concept of "guilt foods" (and why we damn well need to!)

Links mentioned in this episode:

>> Writer, speaker, and fitness coach Chrissy King

>> Molly Galbraith, founder of Girls Gone Strong

>> Chris Hemsworth, actor and founder: Centr

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>> Karina on Instagram

>> Karina on Facebook

Episode Transcript:

Access a full transcript of this episode here.


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