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NBSV 170: Dr. Monica Bhatia on founding a protein-forward bread company, why you might be underestimating your protein needs, and moving from vegetarian to vegan

Do we need to worry about “complete” proteins? Why might some people be underestimating their protein needs? How did nutrition challenges during pregnancy lead Monica to start a company? What happens when Coach K asks tough questions about moving from vegetarian to vegan? Get these questions (and more) answered in this episode. 

Dr. Monica Bhatia is the co-founder and co-CEO of EQUII. She’s a biotech manufacturing, ingredient, and fermentation expert with an impressive background in building sustainable products, including biofuels and oils for foods and cosmetics. She has a PhD in biochemistry from the University of South Carolina. Her journey with EQUII began in her kitchen, where her vegetarian lifestyle inspired her to explore ways to integrate nutritious food seamlessly into daily life.

This initial spark of ingenuity eventually led her to establish EQUII and develop its revolutionary fermentation technology, together with co-founders Dr. Baljit Ghotra and Chef Sebastien Canonne. 

Important topics we discussed:

>> Why is adequate protein intake important for overall health?

>> What inspired Monica to found a company? >> What might push Monica toward veganism (from vegetarianism)?

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Episode transcript:

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